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Why Using Mobile Phones Isn’t A Good Idea While Driving

  • Posted: 03-02-2016  In: Driving Tips

    We have all seen commercials. A driver takes his eyes off the road for a second to send a text, but that those 5 seconds end up costing them their life.

    While it is not easy to watch such commercials, no driver really wants to imagine being responsible for a car accident that takes his life or of others around him. Still, seeing young drivers use their phones when behind the wheel is a common sight. If you tend to get carried away when receiving a text or call when driving, here are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t:

    It Is Illegal

    As the correlation between car accidents and mobile use escalates, many municipalities have passed and are passing regulations that make it illegal. Those who are caught using phones while driving will mostly be issued a fine. Remember, a text message that reads ‘Ok’ isn’t worth paying a couple hundred pound in fine.

    Consider the Safety of Passengers

    Transporting human beings in your car whether it is your family or friends, is a huge responsibility; but most young drivers end up taking it lightly. Calling or texting while driving puts the passengers at a heightened risk of accidents. Could you live with the knowledge that your decision to pick up your phone led to someone facing a life changing surgery, or worse, be killed?

    Consider the Safety of Other Motorists

    Using your phone while driving also puts all other who sharing the road with you at risk, too. You are barely able to navigate when looking down on your phone and it can take under a second for things to go wrong.

    Protect Pedestrians

    When on the road, humans seem smaller and less noticeable than vehicles. This makes your likelihood of seeing a pedestrian very slim, especially when you are sending a text or making a looking at your phone.

    It Takes A Few Seconds to Park Your Car

    If you simply can’t resist the urge to check your phone, or if you really need to take an urgent call, take the time to pull off the road and park your vehicle before picking up. Stop signs are not safe places to check your phone. Pull over at a safe location like parking lot before focusing on your phone.

    These reasons are good enough not use mobile phones while
    . Plus, it is one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents that result in damage to you and your car.

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