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Top 5 Tips to Pass the Driving Theory Test in First Attempt

  • Posted: 11-08-2017  In: General Driving Theory Tests

    The theory test is not as hard as it may sound to some and it’s definitely not rocket science either. But still, the rate of failure in theory test is more than in driving test. So, it is important to understand how the entire process of tests works.

    Here’s the list of top 5 tips to pass the driving theory test in the first attempt to boost your morale and confidence.

    1. Go by the Book

    By preparing, you don’t need to become a bookworm but at least grab relevant books and study prior to the test. And no, I’m not talking about the last-minute study. Start studying for a month or weeks. There are plentiful books available in the market and online for free. In fact, you can reach out to revised questions and content of theory test online.

    DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) develops the tests and divides it further into two main sections: multiple choice questions (MCQs) and Hazard Perception.

    There are 50 MCQs of which you need to answer 43 correctly in order to pass. That’s 96% passing criteria, now you’d understand why books are going to play significantly in the first place.

    Hazard Perception consists of videos featuring several hazards. You’ll only need to identify the hazards. Total marks for it is 75 of which you need 45 to pass (58%).

    2. Be Prepared

    Make sure you have learnt the signs and signals carefully. After that, you can conduct your own mock test at least once a day. This will help you understand the atmosphere and format of the theory test and it will allow you to experience the pressure and anxiety before actually appearing for the test. Mock tests or exams will also show where you stand in your preparation. Remember theory test is not hard but it is the key to pass and become a confident and safe driver.

      3. Patronize Your Study Skills


    Only you know yourself better than anyone. So, it’s up to you to support the methods and techniques of studying you’re most comfortable with. If you think cramming helped you a lot in your school and college exams than go for it otherwise normal selective study based on a structured revision of previous or repeated questions will also do the job. Time is everything and you need know how serious you are about passing the theory test.

     4. Reach in Time

    Time is money. Sleep early the night before the test and clear your mind from any negative and stressful thought.  You need to be at the test centre at least before 30 mins before that it starts. in 2016, 27% candidates failed the theory test because they were late and answered the questions hurriedly. You don’t want to end up like them, do you?

     5. Stay Positive, Be Confident

    You’re all set to go now. But there are few things you need to cater. Do not study while travelling to the centre. Do not study right before the test. Finish your study at home before leaving for the test. Psychologists say that a person is more likely to fail the exam if he engages in the study right before tests or during travel because everything gets mixed up at the end. Take required documents, ID Card, enrollment documents etc.  So, be careful, confident, and most importantly stay positive.