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Tips for Passing the Driving Test Faster

  • Posted: 11-12-2016  In: Driving Tips

    Whether you’re preparing to take your driving test for the first time or you’ve been trying to pass for some time now, you know how frustrating it can be to plan, study, and practice only to be told that you’ve failed and that you have to wait several months to take the test again. Fortunately, thanks to driving test cancellations, you may be able to “skip line” and take your next driving test much faster than you thought possible.

    Of course, no matter how soon you can retake the test, no one likes to take the driving test over and over again in hopes of finally passing. So, to help you get through the test and become a licensed driver, here are a few of our favourite tips:

    Get Lots of Practice

    First, whether you’re waiting on driving test cancellations to take the test or not, you need to ensure that you’ll be able to pass the practical driving test with flying colours. According to the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, most drivers who pass the test get an average of about 45 hours of training with a professional and 22 more hours of practise on their own. So don’t underestimate the need to practise your driving skills before the test.

    Use a Familiar Vehicle

    Until you’ve had years of experience driving multiple vehicles, you will not be comfortable hopping from one car to another. This will, at least to some extent, make your driving erratic, and it will almost definitely ensure that you are nervous and anxious when you start the test. This is a great way to make some very simple mistakes that could cost you your license, and you could find yourself failing and waiting on more driving test cancellations so that you can take the test again.

    Take a Warm-Up Drive Before the Test

    Want to know a great way to take the test and pass it the first time? Find a driving school or instructor near the test centre and schedule a driving lesson before your scheduled test. This way, you’ll have already had some practise before your test, and your instructor can help you with any skills that you need to brush up on before you take the test.

    Know All the “Show Me, Tell Me” Questions

    When you walk out to your vehicle with your examiner, they will ask you at least a couple of “Show Me, Tell Me” questions. For example, they might ask you to open the bonnet and show where you would check the engine coolant level. Then they might ask you to tell them how you would know if the coolant level was correct. There are a number of these questions, all of which are fairly simple, but all of which require you to have a basic understanding of your vehicle. Familiarize yourself with as many of these questions as possible and spend some time getting to know your vehicle, and you’ll be set to answer confidently.

    Don’t worry if you get stumped on a “Show Me, Tell Me” question. Getting one wrong won’t mean that you automatically fail the test and have to start looking for driving test cancellations to take it again. But, if you know the answers, you’ll feel more confident and you’ll be less likely to make silly mistakes on the rest of the test.

    Always Keep Your Eyes on the Road

    Finally, your examiner may ask you questions or give you instructions during the test. Answer their questions and follow their instructions, but do not at any point while you’re driving take your eyes off the road. You should keep your attention focused on driving properly and legally, and always make full use of your mirrors. If you let your concentration falter, you’ll be much more likely to make unsafe or illegal mistakes.

    Want more tips for passing your driving test? Interested in getting an earlier date on your next test? Take advantage of our services at Driving Test Finder and get on the road without the long wait for a driving test!