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Tips to Master Basic Driving Maneuvers

  • Posted: 18-04-2016  In: Driving Tips

    Each time you move your vehicle from left to right, reverse or forward, you initiate a maneuver. Having control of your maneuvers while driving helps you drive more responsibly.

    Here are some tips that’ll help you maneuver your vehicle safely:

    Patience is a Virtue

    Your driving syllabus will teach you four types of set maneuvers. These are:

    • Mid-road turn
    • Parallel parking
    • Bay parking
    • Reversing on left and right corners

    Out of four, you’ll be asked to complete one of them. However, you’ll not know which one to execute until the instructor tells you so.

    Straight Reverse

    This is the first of basic maneuvers that you’ll learn. Mastering this maneuver will make others relatively easier for you. Driving in a straight line while control the steering wheel is what this is all about. Make sure you keep your eyes ahead of you and your hands on the wheel when practicing this one.

    Mid-Road Turn

    Executing a mid-road turn means that you’ll block the road and traffic while turning. This turn requires proper control over speed and the angle at which you intend to turn the vehicle. A slight mistake may end up in an accident so be very attentive and observant while making a mid-road turn.

    Parallel Parking

    Perhaps the most important of all maneuvers, parallel parking requires great control over the vehicle. To execute this maneuver:

    • Look for an empty spot big enough to park the car
    • Level the car even with the front vehicle
    • Turn your wheel all the way to the right
    • Turn around and look back
    • Start reversing
    • Turn back to see if the rear vehicle’s front corner is in line

    Decision Making While Driving

    This test determines your patience while driving. Ultimately, it will examine your control over the vehicle based on the situation you confront. Furthermore, it will also analyze your ability to make spontaneous decisions at will. Since you are not the only driver on the road, your decisions are often influenced by maneuvers made by other drivers.

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