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Things You Need to Know About Changing Your Driving Test Date

  • Posted: 07-12-2016  In: Driving Tips

    You’ve gotten your provisional license, and you’ve passed the theory test. You’ve taken lessons and you’ve practised driving for hours and hours. You know that you’re ready to take the practical test, but when you go to sign up you find out that you’re going to have to wait for several weeks or months before you can even get a test date. What can you do?

    Don’t Cancel Your Test Date

    First, whether you’re concerned that you won’t be able to find a cancellation driving test or you aren’t sure if you’ll be available on the date of your test appointment, do not cancel your test. If you need to, you can always book a different test date instead of cancelling. And, when you book your first date, you will at least have a solid idea of when you can take your test, even if you cannot find a cancellation driving test.

    On the other hand, if you cancel and you aren’t able to get a different date, you may end up with an even later date. This can complicate things further, especially as 2017 is just around the corner, and it’s bringing new practical testing rules with it!

    You Might Be Able to Take an Earlier Test

    Finding out that the queue for a practical test is so long can be incredibly anxiety inducing. You know that passing the practical test is challenging and that there is a chance that you will fail and need to retake the test. Seeing the long wait time for your first test is likely to make you even more anxious about passing. Fortunately, if you find a cancellation driving test, you can take the test much sooner. This might even help you relax enough to concentrate on the test instead of worrying about retaking it.

    Basically, when you sign up for an appointment for your driving test, that will be the latest possible date that you’ll have to take the test if you enlist our services at Driving Test Finder. When you sign up with us, we’ll immediately start looking for earlier test dates by searching for cancellations. When we find a cancellation driving test, we will immediately reserve it and notify you, and you’ll have 15 minutes to reply and let us know that you want to book that date.

    You’ll Need Some Critical Info to Change Your Driving Test Date

    If you decide to rebook your driving test on your own, or if you decide to sign up with Driving Test Finder, you’ll need to have a couple of pieces of information handy. You’ll need either your theory test pass certification number or your driving test reference number, and you’ll need your UK driving license number. You should know, too, that you can only change your test date a limited number of times before you must cancel and start over. If you think you might need to change your date more than six times, go ahead and sign up with Driving Test Finder now so that you can get the best test date possible instead of constantly worrying about it and changing it over and over again.

    If You Need to Change Your Theory Test

    Here’s another important thing to remember. If you haven’t yet passed your theory test, and you find that you need to change your test date, you should know that you need to give appropriate notice before cancelling or re-booking. The DVSA requires three working days’ notice for this, and they do not count public holidays or Sundays in this. So plan ahead if you think you might need to reschedule or cancel your theory test or your practical test.

    You Don’t Have to Scour the Internet for Driving Test Dates

    Finally, if you want to find a cancellation driving test, you do not have to spend hours every day searching for cancellations and open appointment dates. In fact, you can let us do all that for you. Instead of worrying about how long it’s going to take you to take the test and get your driving license, you can sit back, relax, and wait for us to contact you with a cancellation.