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Things to Know Before Cancelling Your Driving Test

  • Posted: 15-10-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    While many people are keen to take their driving test and hopefully obtain their licence, there is a wide range of circumstances and issues that can arise that may leave people wishing to cancel their test. Some learner drivers may be concerned that they are not fully prepared for their test and would prefer to have more time to study and develop their skills.

    There is also the fact that personal issues can arise, leaving some people ill-prepared or not able to take their test on the initially accepted date. It is not uncommon for problems to occur in life and there is a degree of flexibility when it comes to cancelling your driving test. All applicants have the right to cancel or reschedule their driving test to a different date but there are some things to bear in mind about taking this action.

    Business Days Only

    Cancelling or rescheduling your driving test takes place on business days, which is the traditional Monday to Friday schedule. This means any applicant who applies for a cancellation on a Friday will be informed of the process of their request in the following week.

    Book a Practical Test

    Obviously if you haven’t booked a practical test there is nothing to cancel so this means that you must have booked a practical test in the first place. It is possible to book your driving test in person or online, which should be convenient for the vast majority of people looking to sit a driving test.

    Service Accuracy

    In order to find the date and test time that is best suited to your needs, it makes sense to call on the services of a reputable driving licence cancellation service. A company like Driving Test Finder is able to search through the entire database of the DVSA, at regular intervals every day, to find the most suitable date for your needs.

    If you are limited as to when you can sit your test, this sort of support will make it far easier to find a date that meets your needs, giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes to planning for your test.

    A company like this will inform the candidate of a suitable test time and date by a range of communication options, including SMS and email, and this message will come through at a fast rate, commonly within 15 minutes. Anyone looking for a high standard of support when it comes to finding the most suitable date for their driving test should call on the specialists.

    It’s Subject to Availability

    While it is hoped that the candidate will be able to find a test on their preferred date, this may not always be possible. With a limited number of test centres and examiners, there can only be so many driving test slots available. This means at times some applicants may find that their first choice is unavailable to them.

    When this occurs, the next most suitable date will be offered to the applicant. If this is suitable, the date should be accepted and then the learner driver can plan ahead for taking the test on this date.

    However, it may be that the supplied dates are unsuitable for the driver. If this is the case, the driver will be able to cancel their driving test application and receive a refund on their fee. There is nothing to stop a driver from applying for a new date further down the line.

    If there are reasons why a person cannot sit a driving test, there is no reason to panic or worry about the consequences. There are many reasons why people are unavailable or unable to sit a test on the date they initially requested, and this is something that the DVSA understands and supports. Whether a private matter has arisen or a driver feels that they are not ready for the test, it is a simple process to cancel or reschedule the lesson.

    It is only natural that a learner driver will feel nervous in the build-up to their driving test but this by itself is no reason to cancel their test. The vast majority of people will always feel nervous when it comes to a major test or examination and given the importance of being able to drive, the driving test will always be a challenge for many people.

    Your driving instructor should help you prepare as best as you can for the driving test and if you are feeling nervous or anxious, they will be able to offer you guidance and advice. If your driving instructor doesn’t feel as though you are as prepared as you should be for the test, they may advise you to reschedule the test for a later date.

    If for whatever reason you do need to change the date of your driving test, it is possible to do so and you shouldn’t feel as though there is any difficulty or negativity around taking this action.