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Stay Cool When Driving in Warm Temperatures

  • Posted: 14-06-2017  In: Driving Tips

    While the idea of going for a long drive on a warm and sunny day sounds appealing, driving in a hot car can cause a number of problems. This is why you should look to stay cool when driving in warm temperatures and these tips will be of considerable benefit.

    Ensure your car is serviced

    If you know that you have a big journey in a warm month or area coming up, make sure your car is serviced. Breaking down in hot temperatures can be very uncomfortable, so you want to avoid this if you can. Having your vehicle serviced will hopefully keep it in great condition, allow you to stay cool and minimise the likelihood of issues or problems arising.

    Make sure you stay hydrated

    Driving in a car in hot weather can become uncomfortable and you may feel that you start to feel tired or drowsy. This is because you are becoming dehydrated and the best solution is to drink water.

    If you are going for a lengthy drive when the weather is warm, it makes sense to have a couple of bottles of waters, large ones that hold a litre or two. While you may think that any liquid is of benefit, it is best to avoid drinks with caffeine in it, because caffeine is a diuretic which can cause your body to lose water.

    Have your battery checked

    When the temperature rises, your car battery is placed under additional strain. You probably don’t want to mess about with your battery too much but if you can and you know what you are doing, give it a once over to ensure to ensure everything is in good condition. If you don’t know what you are doing, hire a professional to do this job for you.

    Clean your windscreen

    When the sun is bright, dirt and scratches on your windscreen can obscure your view, compromising your safety. This is why you should look to clean your windscreen and mirrors on a regular basis during periods of pleasant weather.

    Have an emergency kit in the vehicle

    It is advisable for most motorists to have an emergency kit in their vehicle but when it comes to driving in warm temperatures, this is definitely important. First aid material, non-perishable snacks, a torch, additional clothes, water and equipment which help you examine the car or highlight your need of assistance is important and will help to keep you safe in the event of an issue or incident arising.

    Other tips to bear in mind when driving in warm conditions include:

    • Having a charger for your phone
    • Having spare cash for emergencies
    • Checking your fuel situation and knowing where the nearest garage is
    • Review the coolant system, oil levels and all fluid levels
    • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and in good condition
    • Also, make sure you service your air conditioner before heading off on a long and warm journey.