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How to Save Time and Money in Driving Test

  • Posted: 02-10-2017  In: Driving Tips

    There are very few drivers who think about saving money and time during their driving tests. Most of us seem to embark on a conventional train where everything is already set and we just have to pay for what we are offered and ignore any other part of it. Driving test consumes time if you choose for extra driving classes apart from the ones provided during the course or test. Here are few tips that can save a lot of time and money in driving tests.

    1. Learning the Orientation

    Orientation refers to the manoeuvring of the vehicle including learning driving spots such as roundabouts, junctions, parking lots, but precisely, gear shifting, steering, reverse driving, etc. these attributes ultimate control the orientation of the vehicle, therefore, it is better to expert yourself in these areas first by choosing to visit test zones or learning about it from any source will also suffice. This is more of a time-saving advice than saving money because we may waste time in familiarisation of these things during the driving test.

    2. Learning the Test Zones and Examination Area

    Once you have learned the orientation, the next thing you need to do is to thoroughly study the test zones and examination area for your driving test. The examiner or instructor does not focus on everything while conducting your test but he has a check-list of points that he focuses upon such as suspension, use of a mirror, sign recognition, use of indicators, and reverse driving. These things are important because 80% of the candidates fail the test by one of the reasons mentioned above. It will save a lot of your time.

    3. Learning About Theory Exam

    Go through past papers and online material; the internet is filled with complete driving knowledge and guidance which indeed can benefit everyone. All you have to do is to fix a time for it on a daily basis and prepare yourself. Also, you need to read the assessment and passing criteria for the test. Again, candidates who have passed their test with good marks have shared their experience. There are official British driving test books with answers, and these are the best to save time and money both. Don’t buy irrelevant driving hack books; they may not help you as much as these DVSA theory test books.

    4. Learning about the Instructor

    This may seem unnecessary to many, but it’s quite beneficial. Doing a little research and learning about your driving instructor would not do any harm. In fact, it will save money more than time because if you decide to change your instructor than it will cost you double as you will have to pay for the new one all again. Most instructors in Britain have good driving experience with above average passing rate. Therefore, learn about the instructor so that you could feel comfortable during the driving test.

    5. Learning about Yourself

    Apart from every other driving test related advice, this is important as you need to learn yourself if you’re ready for the driving test or not. Most candidates around the globe just rush towards these tests to get the license. In fact, they don’t care about time, money, or books etc.; they just need to get their hands on the license so that they can drive. You need to realise the fact why it is important for you to get the license otherwise you’d be amongst the 45% of candidates who don’t know why they’re applying for it. Explore your necessities, find your weakness, strengthen your active spots, and ignore fatigue and stress factors.