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Reasons Why People Fail British Driving Test

  • Posted: 15-09-2017  In: Driving Tips

    If we observe and question the common mistakes made by the people during their driving tests, We’d simply get to know about its difficulty, but that’s not the case. Candidates appearing for the driving tests often make mistakes and blunders at times that instructors just cannot ignore and therefore have to fail the individual. However, following is a list of some most common reasons why people fail their British driving test.

    1. Poor Observations

    It is indeed quite important to have your eyes on the road and mind in the vehicle. People tend to lose concentration on tiny things they encounter on or beside the road, especially upon reaching a junction where several vehicles may approach from any direction. Also, candidates honk horns in certain conditions which are not cool.

    2. Inappropriate Use of Mirrors

    Instructors focus on how the candidate treats the vehicle while driving. For example, use of mirrors for direction and driving. Most candidates just don’t bother to use the rear mirror for reverse parking or side mirrors to check for blind-spots or in overtake situation. Remember, driving is not just putting your foot on the accelerator and drive slowly until you’re passed. It is the reason why DVSA recommends studying before appearing for the test.

    3. Non-Responsive Behaviour

    Roads are filled with things you one should not ignore at any cost. Traffic signals, sign boards and pedestrian crossing is some of the many things that candidates must be aware of. Candidates fail to respond to the traffic signal or respond late by going ahead of the traffic line. There’s always traffic wardens standing around the signals because they know that people break more rules at the traffic signals than at other areas. People also don’t pay attention to pedestrians and cause accidents due to hurried nature.

    4. Steering, Positioning, and Use of Indicators

    Get a good hold of the steering wheel. It will allow you to manoeuvre the vehicle according to how you want it and let’s just hope you want everything to be on safe side. Most cars are with power steering. Therefore, even a slight shift to the right or left may completely change the course of the vehicle. Use indicators when overtaking, or turning in any direction regardless of cars around or behind you.

    5. Reverse Parking

    It is very important. In fact, reverse parking is the primary objective in Asian driving schools because it is challenging and not everyone has the skill to do so. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The instructor focuses few things while conducting reverse parking test. Use of Mirrors, steering, and candidate positioning. If the candidate does not use side and rear mirror for parking, he/she is failed straightway. Do not look behind just to see if the back is clear. Use the mirrors for that, steer the vehicle while looking into the side mirrors to position your car in reverse. Out every reason to fail, this is the most frequent and repeated reason why candidates fail the British driving test.