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How to Get a Quick Driving Test Date

  • Posted: 08-11-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    Most who take the practical driving test in the UK may experience some initial nervousness just before taking this portion of the exam. Then, when finished, most sigh with relief and say or think “That was quick!” Unfortunately, very few have such thoughts about the wait to take the practical exam, but if you are one of the thousands who wishes for a quick driving test, we have some very effective suggestions.

    Understand the System

    To get a quick driving test booking, you must first understand what is going on in the system. There is only a limited number of driving centres and examiners available through the DVSA. Additionally, many are due to retire in the coming months and years, making it even more difficult to get a quick driving test booking.

    You can shorten the period of time between beginning to learn to drive and obtaining the quick driving test by planning ahead. For example, if you are learning with an instructor, you should plan to take the theory portion of the exam quickly and book your practical driving exam as soon as you pass the theory portion.

    This, however, may still mean 9 to 12 weeks of waiting time for the booking. If you are in London or a crowded city, it is likely to be 12 or more. If you are seeking an exam in the winter months, when daylight hours are shorter, the wait gets even greater.
    What this means is that you should try to get your exam in a more rural area and during the months when daylight hours are the longest. However, this might still translate to many weeks of waiting. If you are someone who absolutely requires the licensing for your work or because you are visiting the UK for an extended period, this can prove extremely challenging.

    Working Around the Problem

    Fortunately, anyone who has passed the theory portion of the exam and has made an initial appointment for the practical exam can find their way to a quick driving test. This is due to the fact that the DVSA has several paths to scheduling an appointment that anyone can use to their advantage.

    The first is the phone system. It is a voice activated system that requires your theory test certificate, initial booking reference number and the time it takes to use the different commands. You can dial in to determine if there are any appointments available at an earlier date or time. You can use this system as often as you would like and during normal business hours.

    The second path is online. The DVSA database is available to those with a theory test certificate, initial booking reference number and an Internet connection. You simply use the DVSA website to search for available appointments earlier than the one you currently have. If one becomes available, you can dash to take it.

    However, as you might have already guessed, most of the appointment cancellations that become available are taken quite quickly by the thousands of others just like yourself. It becomes a race to get the available testing dates.

    However, we have a third path that leads to a quick driving test. At Driving Test Finder, we can do all of that racing for you. Rather than sitting at your computer, refreshing the screen and the DVSA database a dozen times an hour, we run more than one thousand searches per day.

    If you are registered with us, we will have the theory test certificate, initial booking reference number, and all of the dates, times and places where you are willing to take a practical driving test. If a date sooner than your own becomes available, we SMS, text or email the details to you.

    You need only respond “book” and we can then arrange for that quick driving test for you. If you are unable to accommodate that date, time or locale, just ignore the message. We carry on the search until you get a date to take your practical driving exam. Why wait for weeks or months when you can use our simple system? No apps or software, just easy and quick texts or emails and you can get a much sooner test date.