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Plan for the Practical Driving Test

  • Posted: 16-11-2016  In: Driving Tips

    You took the theory portion of the driving test, passed it and are now preparing for the practical driving test. The good news is that you are half-way through the process, but the bad news is that waiting to take the practical driving test may be a much longer process than you imagined. This is why we suggest that you make an infallible plan for completing the test as quickly as possible.

    How? Let’s consider it as a few “steps”:

    Step One:
    Book and take the theory portion of the test (and pass!)

    Step Two:
    On the day that you pass the theory portion, get in touch with the DVSA to book your practical driving test. Prepare to be shocked. Most people eager to obtain their UK driving license are astonished to discover that they have a nine week or longer wait to take the practical portion of the test.

    Step Three:
    If you are learning with a driving instructor, be sure that you book your test at the end of your first lesson, if you have not already done so.
    Now, once you have completed these steps, you have a practical driving test date and can master your driving skills as you wait. Alternately, you can try to get that licensing much sooner if you are ready to be tested. These next steps are some of the most effective plans:

    Step Four: Go online to the DSA and use their database to look for any earlier dates. There are many people just like you who wish to test earlier, and all of you can go online and look for any available dates. If you have already planned to take the practical driving test and have a booking number, you are free to change the date to any earlier one that is available.

    Step Five: If you don’t want to use the online option, the DSA also has a voice prompted system that allows you to use your existing booking reference number to take an available opening.
    The Problem with This Plan

    Now, you might already have said aloud or thought something such as “Who has the time to sit on the phone or computer waiting for cancellations?” You would be correct. Very few people can “refresh” the computer and sit and stare at the screen waiting for any available appointments to appear.

    This is why the wisest “Step Six” would be to rely on Driving Test Finder to help you make the most effective plans for your practical driving test. The way it works is remarkably simple. It begins with you following the first few steps outlined above – basically, passing the theory exam and making an initial practical driving test appointment.

    Once you have the formal booking reference number and your theory test certificate, you can then get in touch with our service. We take this information, along with your preferred dates, times and locations, and perform round the clock searches in the DSA database.

    While you might be able to sit at home for an hour a day and try to catch a cancelled date as soon as it appears, we actually touch up the search more than one thousand times per day. As soon as a viable date appears, we alert you to it. Using your SMS, text or email service, we give you the details. If that test date works with your schedule, you need only reply “Book” within 12 minutes, and we will be sure to make the appointment.

    If it is not a good fit into your routine or schedule, ignore the message. We will keep looking until you no longer need that appointment.
    Thousands of people change or cancel their practical driving tests each day. Because there are always long lines, long waits and a very limited number of examiners and appointments, it can be a very long time between passing the theory test and sitting to take the practical driving test.

    Our goal is your goal – to get the entire licensing process done as quickly as possible. To do this, we keep up with the entire DSA database throughout the day and will be able to alert you to a date as soon as one is available.