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Planning Ahead for Your Driving Test

  • Posted: 05-06-2017  In: Driving Tips General Driving

    Your driving test day is likely to be a very important day and it is understandable fi you feel nervous about the event. This is why it makes sense to plan in advance and knowing what lies in store for you will help you to be as fully prepared as you can. This is why this guide will help you when planning ahead for your driving test.

    For your driving test, you should bring along:

    Before you get underway with the actual test, you will be required to undertake an eyesight check. This will see you being asked to read a number plate of a parked vehicle and you will be asked a series of questions relating to vehicle safety. These questions are classed as “show me, tell me” where you will be required to show your knowledge of the vehicle.

    There should be no surprises in the driving test

    You should find that there will be no surprises in store during the driving test as your driving instructor should have fully informed you of what the test entails. If you make a mistake during the test, don’t panic, try to compose yourself and continue driving as best as you can. Just because you have made an error doesn’t mean that you will fail your test but if you allow this error to damage your confidence or ability to drive confidently, it may see you fail. This is why you need to be able to shrug off problems and continue to drive to the best of your ability.

    If you find that the examiner is writing a lot or making marks, don’t panic, this is normal. This is not necessarily an indicator of bad driving; although the examiner will record all faults, of which there are three key types of fault; minor fault, serious fault and dangerous fault. You can make up to 15 minor faults and still pass although if you make a single serious or dangerous fault, you will fail your test.

    You will be asked to complete one manoeuvre from the following three manoeuvres:

    • Turn in the road
    • Reverse park
    • Reverse around a corner

    The driving test will also include the Independent Driving section, which will last for around 10 minutes. The examiner will provide you with instructions that you should follow, and this will help to show that you are able to drive in a safe manner while being in a position to make independent decisions.

    Your driving test will also include the new Independent Driving which will last for approximately 10 minutes. You will receive step by step instructions from the examiner which you must follow, whilst proving that you can drive safely and make decisions independently. Once you have concluded the driving test, you will return to the test centre where the examiner will talk you through their report. It is worth considering this feedback to become a better driver.