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How To Perfect The Bay Parking Technique

  • Posted: 25-07-2016  In: Driving Tips

    Are you learning how to drive or have a test date coming soon? If yes, then you must be confused about Bay parking. It is one of the toughest manoeuvres you may be asked to perform on the test day.

    Your nervousness is justified, but here’s the good news: The chances of you being asked to park in this manner is very low. Most test centres do not have this car park facility so you may not be asked to perform this.

    Nonetheless, you should still know how to. Ignorance is certainly not bliss. Here’s an easy way to Bay Park on a spot to your left:

    For Bay parking, you have to reverse park in a comparatively tight slot. Make sure you follow the ‘POM’ rule: Prepare your car; Observe your surroundings; Move into the bay safely.

    1. Start by making sure your car is in the middle of the road. This will give you the widest circle to turn safely while parking and keep you from hitting the curb and cars on the adjacent side.
    2. Now stop your vehicle and select the reverse gear to signal that you are about to reverse. Do this whether or not there are other vehicles or pedestrians.
    3. Establish your reference point. This is the point where you start reversing your vehicle for an accurate Bay parking. Consider the distance to the spot you intend to park.
    4. Observe your surroundings and look at your right blind spot to make sure you don’t hit anything while turning. Now steer quickly to full left lock and start moving backward with your eyes on the rear windscreen.
    5. Keep reversing and check your left mirror to see the line of your intended parking slot beginning to appear. When you move closer to the spot, you’ll see the second line of the same slot as well.
    6. When both lines of the slot appear parallel to your view, straighten up the wheel to move back into the spot slowly. You can adjust your position by steering towards any line you want to.
    7. The second marking line should line up with the right side mirror. This will keep your position in check and you won’t move too far back.
    8. Once you’re done, stop the car, apply handbrake and select neutral.

    There are other techniques for Bay parking too. Ask your instructor to guide you with this parking manoeuvre.

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