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Passing Theory Is More Difficult Than Practical Test

  • Posted: 02-05-2016  In: Theory Tests

    Securing your driving license is one of the most exciting parts about growing up. You finally get to purchase your own car, hang out with your friends – life gets considerably easier.

    However, securing a driving license is not all fun and games. There’s more to it than you can guess.

    According to most professionals, the driving test in the UK has gotten harder over the years. Today, a majority of students who fail their driving tests do so because of failure in their theory tests. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fail your theory test but certainly means you should be well prepared to take it head on.

    Here are a few tips that we suggest you practice to pass your theory test in the first go:

    Read Through All Books

    The theory test includes 50 different MCQs that are taken from a collection of over 1000 different questions. You will need to get 43 right answers to pass this part.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of books that can help you out. The most important one is a theory test handbook from DVSA, which is filled with sample questions and tips that can help you out. Weeks before your theory test date, purchase a copy of this handbook and start memorizing.

    Revise Hazarding Spots

    After the MCQs section comes the hazard perception section. This section includes a number of different video clips including a driving hazard. To ace this, practice scanning the road, looking out for obstructions, distractions, pedestrians and cyclists. Put in at least 20 hours of practice to make sure you are fully prepared for the hazard perception test.

    A Mock Test Will Help

    The UK government maintains a website where you can take a free theory test for practice. If this mock test doesn’t go well, you can retake the test up to three days before the actual test date. If you feel unconfident, it is better to put in some extra practice.

    Flag Tricky Questions

    When it comes finally comes down to the theory test, most candidates have trouble answering MCQs. Remember that you need to answer 50 multiple choice questions within 57 minutes. If you find that you are stuck on one, flag it to mark it unanswered and get back to it around the end of the test.

    You get a three-minute break between the first and second part of your test. Remember to relax and give it your best. If you wish to reschedule your test early, check out our services to learn more about how we can help.