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Pass Your Driving Test – Part II

  • Posted: 07-12-2015  In: Driving Tips

    Now that you have gone through the first 5 tips part I to pass your driving test, you are probably ready to gain the hands on experience.

    However, there are still a few things you should know to pass that driving test. Here are another 5 tips of the series to help you become an eligible driver in no time:

    #6- Take time to learn more about your vehicle

    By popping the hood and taking a look at all the mechanical parts, most learning drivers feel nothing but fear of the unknown. You don’t need to be one of those learners. If you have a friend or family member who knows their way around cars, ask them if they can help you cover the basics.

    The initial part of the driving test is filled with a lot of ‘show me and tell me’ questions. By preparing before you enter the driving test centre, you can be sure that you will not be worried about looking for a driving test cancellation to reschedule your next test as you walk out.

    #7-Try all road conditions

    Are you sure that the route your examiner asks you to take won’t be congested, or it wouldn’t be raining on your test day? Probably not! This is why you should consider asking your instructor to help you drive in different driving and road conditions. By driving in slippery, dark, rainy or foggy conditions, you will pick up essential experience that will eventually pay off when it’s time for the test.

    #8-Eat something before the test

    A common mistake most of us make when going for any test is skipping the meal before it. However, it barely helps. When you don’t eat, the chances of you freaking out are considerably high. Grab a small bite right before heading to the test centre to ensure that you have enough energy to decide what to do next.

    #9-Ask questions and speak up

    For instance, you are driving along with your examiner and they asks you to do something which you didn’t really understand – what do you do? Speak up! Ask about anything that confuses you or if you need the examiner to repeat anything they said.

    #10-The examiner has the final say

    Whatever you think about your driving attempt on the test day, do remember that the examiner has the final say. This works both ways – you might feel that you have failed already with all those mistakes but the examiner might pass you depending on your corrective measures. Simply put, carry on with confidence throughout the test and leave the outcome to the examiner.

    Using these tips, you can considerably increase your chances to pass the practical driving test. If you are looking for driving test cancellation checker to find an earlier test date, don’t forget to get in touch to learn more about how we can help.