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How to Park the Car Properly

  • Posted: 26-10-2017  In: Driving Tips

    One of the biggest problem that students, instructors, and drivers are facing is parking. Most of us conquer the fear of it while others brag about not being perfect. Well, no one has to be perfect it’s just a matter of time, experience and little spices of theory – that’s all. Unfortunately, we all find it hard to understand how critical and significant parking can become, especially when it comes to driving tests.

    We have compiled some tips along with some common mistakes that drivers make during parking.

    1. Unprofessional Parking

    Unprofessional Parking

    Some drivers manage to park the car but leave it as it as without adequately positioning it. Have you ever seen cars with front tyres turned outwards? Yes, this is the example of unprofessional and hassle parking. Drivers forget to steer the tyres to its balanced position, which makes the car undergo the same level of effort that the vehicle can experience while circling a roundabout. Of course, it damages the manoeuvring, and you will be rejected if you didn’t avoid it during the driving test.

    2. Parking Space

    Parking Space

    There are some rules of parking, one of them is parking space. Every driver must leave enough space around the car while parking. For example, if you’re parking in the middle of the square or an area that is jam-packed with cars, you must leave space so that another car, including yours, could turn the car out of it.

    3. Parking Signs

    Parking Signs in UK

    There are roadside signs of parking and marks on the road for regular and for disabled parking. Now, if you were paying attention while going through all those rule and regulations theory before the driving test, you should know that parking also has some regulations, there is a vertical mark on the road which tells the drivers the limit of driving, if the car goes out of it, you’re getting a fine and make sure you read the no-parking or parking sign before parking.

    4. Reverse Parking

    Reverse Parking

    Difficult, but not hard – Reverse parking is something that scares most of the drivers, and we have mentioned it several times in previous articles that reverse parking determines your skills during the driving test. Do not look back while reverse parking, use a mirror and be careful from the sideways as most drivers end up on footpaths rather than roads.

    5. Ethics of Parking

    Ethics of Parking

    If you know the standards well, however you have an absence of experience, you will without a doubt commit some error, yet then the ethical parking becomes an integral factor: If you act mischievously and you couldn’t care less, that is another issue. If you don’t consider others when stopping, is another issue. If you don’t understand the anxiety and automobile overloads that can create traffic jams or hurdles because of your parking, then you apparently lack parking skills and ethics of it.