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Driving Test Changes

  • Posted: 19-10-2017  In: Driving News

    Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been engaged in coming up with new changes and so it has succeeded with its practice trials for it. DVSA first decided to bring forth driving amendments in February 2015 carried the trials to see how it works out till February 2016. Throughout this span, 850 driving structures and 4,500 driving students underwent the practice tests. DVSA is now ready to launch its implication all over the Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) from Monday 4th of December 2017.

    Here’s a quick look at driving changes:

    1. Manoeuvring

    We only know two types of manoeuvring requested by the instructor: reverse around a corner and turns on the road. These types will no longer be applicable and will be replaced with three reverse manoeuvring scenarios from which you’ll only have to choose one:

    •         Park in a bayyou may be either requested to drive in or reverse out
    •         Parallel Park – parking at the side of the road
    •         Pull up on the Rightit may consist of reversing the car two-car-lengths to rejoin the traffic

    2. Independent Driving

    This part of the driving consisted of the instructor giving a direction or a map to the driver but with no instruction and the driver must reach the destination navigating through by himself. New changes will continue to have it but for a long time as this test will have additional 10-minutes time after 4th of December. Also, the instructor will focus on how you read and respond to signals and traffic signs.

    3. Highway/Motorway Driving


    New or learning drivers are not allowed to drive on highways and motorways due less experience and non-professionalism. However, the new changes will allow the new learning drivers to take lessons on highway and motorway so that they could easily understand these crowded roads during their learning phases.

    4. Show me, Tell me Question/Answers:

    Until now, the driving instructor only asks one show me, tell me a question, but after the new change, the driver will continue to ask the type of question but during the candidate is driving. A question such as show me how the wipers work, or how to clean the windscreen etc.

    5. Minor Changes in Learning

    DVSA has emphasised more upon the theory of driving, and it will be included in the new changes. During the test, DVSA noticed some students who lacked basic driving theory but were good drivers. Therefore, DVSA may become a little more strict in the theory test than before.