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What Do You Need to Do to Book Your Driving Test?

  • Posted: 16-02-2017  In: Theory Tests

    As you look into driving test booking, you may be unhappy to see that there are often long waits for theory tests and practical driving tests. If you have to wait several weeks or months to take the test, you certainly want to ensure that you are prepared when you book, and when you arrive at the testing centre. Otherwise, you could be looking at an even longer wait before you can get your license.

    Driving Test Booking

    So what do you need to take care of, and what will you need to have when you do your driving test booking? You can actually book your appointment online fairly easily when you go to the DVSA’s site, but you should make sure that you have a few things before you start. These include:

    • Your theory test certificate number
    • A valid UK driving license or provisional driving license
    • An acceptable credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Switch/Maestro, Solo, or Visa Electron)

    Theory Test Booking

    If you haven’t yet passed your theory test, you can book an appointment for this online, as well. To do this, you’ll just need to have a valid provisional license, an acceptable credit or debit card, and a valid email address. If for any reason you don’t have an email address, you can call the DVSA to book your appointment for your theory test. Then, once you’ve passed your theory test, you can move on to book your driving test.

    What Else Do You Need?

    Of course, just having these things will not ensure that you pass either of these tests. This test consists of 50 questions, chosen from a list of over 1000 potential questions, and they will cover all aspects of safely and legally driving in the UK. Some topics will include highway code, traffic signs, speed limits, use of mobile phones when driving, seat belts, child car seats, and more. Plus, after the written test, you’ll have to watch a series of video clips and identify the road hazards you see in them.

    So what do you need for this test? Lots of study time! Lots of people fail the theory test every year, and as a result they end up having to deal with driving test booking over and over again until they pass. It can take months if you don’t pass the first time.

    So, the most important thing you need when doing driving test booking, for your theory test, is preparation. Some handy study tools include:

    • Flash cards
    • Mock tests
    • Online video clips
    • Having a friend ask you questions from the handbook

    If you find a test date that’s really convenient and early, you might be tempted to jump on it and fail to give yourself enough time to properly study everything you need to know for the theory test. Likewise, if you’ve already passed the theory test and you find an early driving test, you might be tempted to take it before you’ve spent enough hours behind the wheel. Then, if you fail the test, you’ll have to wait even longer and you might risk forgetting some of the information you’ve learned. Stressful, isn’t it?

    This is why, at Driving Test Finder, we let you choose a range of dates for your driving test. After you book your test with the DVSA, you can sign up with us and have us search for driving test cancellations starting at the earliest date you’re ready to take the test and then ending at the latest date before your current appointment that will be convenient for you.

    Driving test booking can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure that you have the right materials when you book, and then sign up with Driving Test Finder to get the best driving test booking experience and the earliest test so that you can pass the first time you take it!