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Mistakes New Drivers Make

  • Posted: 22-11-2016  In: Driving Tips

    No one is born knowing how to drive. If we were, there would be no need for practical driving tests and we might not even need theory tests. Because that’s not the case, it’s necessary to do a lot of studying and practising before you take your driving test if you hope to pass the first time.

    In fact, if you prepare correctly, you might even be ready to take the test before your booking date. If that’s the case, you can check for a driving test cancellation at your preferred testing centre and switch your appointment to an earlier date.

    Before you get excited about moving your driving test forward, though, you might want to take a moment to read through some of the most common mistakes that new drivers make. We’ve noticed, despite all of their diligent practise and all of the lessons they take, most new drivers make a lot of the same mistakes.

    Making just one of these might not mean failing the driving test, but multiple mistakes can mean that you’ll have to come back and retake the test again.

    Failing to Use Signals

    Often, new drivers are so preoccupied with staying on the road and trying to follow all the rules of the Highway Code that they actually miss a really important one – proper signal use. As you prepare for your test, make a habit of always using your signals when turning or changing lanes, and always be sure to cancel signals after you turn or if you are unable to make the manoeuvre you intended.

    Failing to do these things and/or giving unclear or confusing signals could mean failing the driving test. Then you’ll have to rebook and check for a driving test cancellation so that you don’t have to wait several weeks or months to take the test again.

    Failing to Show Proper Observation at Junctions

    This is another mistake that happens due to nerves. You’ll be nervous that you’re going to do something wrong, so when you arrive at a junction you’ll be anxious to pull out into it before you make a mistake. Unfortunately, if you do this, you’ll have just made the mistake you were so worried about. What mistake? Lack of observation.

    You need to show your examiner that you can properly observe what’s happening around you and when it’s safe to enter the junction or roundabout. If you can do this, you won’t have to check for a driving test cancellation after you take the practical driving test because you’ll likely pass the first time you take it.

    Driving With One Hand on the Wheel

    This one is a bad habit that a lot of motorists pick up over the years as they drive. Whether it’s because they prefer to have their hand near the shifter or they just feel more relaxed, they will drive with only one hand on the wheel. Don’t ever do this during your driving test. Your examiner wants to see that you’re displaying proper steering control, and you simply cannot do that when you only have one hand on the wheel.

    Yes, if you’re driving a manual vehicle, you will have to take your left hand off the wheel periodically to shift. When you’re done shifting, return your hand to the wheel and continue to show proper steering control. Then you won’t have to worry about failing the test for a simple mistake.


    Finally, we live in a distracted society. We’re constantly on our mobile phones and devices checking texts, social media, and the latest news and trending topics. Put your phone and any other mobile devices away (and in silent mode) during your test. It is illegal to use them while operating a vehicle, and you do not want to get distracted or startled when your phone goes off during a test.

    At Driving Test Finder, we’ll be happy to check for driving test cancellation appointments to help you find an earlier test date, and we want you to pass your test with ease. So follow these tips and check out our service to get your driving license as fast as possible.