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How Long Does It Really Take to Learn to Drive?

  • Posted: 22-01-2017  In: Driving Tips

    It can be really difficult to find accurate information on what it takes to learn to drive. Some people will tell you that everyone fails their driving test the first time and that it takes over a year (or longer) to become a fully licensed driver.

    Others will tell you that they applied for their provisional license, aced the theory test, took a single driving lesson, and got fully licensed right away.

    But how long does it really take? For a lot of drivers, this depends on how much preparation you need and whether or not you can find fast track driving tests at earlier dates. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do and how much time you can expect to spend.

    Applying for Your Provisional License

    Before you do anything else, you’ll first need to apply for your provisional license. This is probably the simplest part of the whole process, as it just involves filling out a D1 application (available online or at the post office) and sending it in.

    You should receive your provisional license within two weeks, and then you can put your L plates on your car and start practicing!

    Preparing for the Theory Test

    The theory test includes 50 questions, and you have to get a minimum of 43 of them right. Many of these questions are common knowledge for people who’ve grown up in Britain and are accustomed to the driving laws and Highway Code here.

    But a lot of the questions are more detailed and technical than you might think. Thus, you’ll want to spend some time studying.

    If you apply yourself and study regularly, using the DVSA’s guidebook, you should not need to study for more than a few days or weeks. Plus, you can start studying for the theory test at any time.

    If you started studying before you got your provisional license and you are 17 years of age or older, you can go ahead and book your theory test at any time.

    Then you can get on target to find fast track driving tests that will help move the process along at a faster rate.

    Driving Instruction

    It’s generally recommended that all new drivers take driving lessons, and the average driver will usually need between 35 and 50 hours of instructional time behind the wheel, along with another 20 hours of private practice, to become proficient enough to pass the driving test.

    What does that look like in real time, though? Depending on your schedule and your desired timeline to get your full license, you can opt for either semi-intensive or intensive driving instruction.

    With semi-intensive instruction, lessons will generally last about an hour and a half, and you will usually take two to three lessons per week.

    At this rate, you’ll generally be taking lessons for between seven and sixteen weeks, so you can expect to have all of your driving instruction time finished within two to three months.

    If you have free time available, and you’re looking for fast track driving tests to get your license faster, you may want to opt for intensive instruction.

    This will involve a solid week of full-time instruction and will generally last for 30-40 hours. The advantage here, though, is that you will be finished with all of your driving lessons within a single week and you can move on to private practise before you take your test.

    Getting Your License

    Basically, if you are dedicated and determined, you can be ready to take the test and get your license within a few weeks, but most people take two to three months, as they study for and take the theory test while they take semi-intensive driving lessons until they are ready.

    If you’re looking for the fastest way to get fully licensed to drive, check out our services at Driving Test Finder. We specialize in finding fast track driving tests to help people reschedule their tests and get their licenses sooner.