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Learning To Drive?

  • Posted: 17-10-2016  In: Driving Tips

    There are many things to weigh up and consider when learning to drive but there is one vital issue that many people do not place too much importance on. Your choice of driving school and the instructor you learn with will have a huge impact on how quickly you learn and how confident you feel. It would be wrong to say that the choice of driving school or instructor is 100% the cause of success or failure, but there is a link between good drivers and pass marks. It may be that some people are border line when it comes to driving and the difference a good driving instructor can make to their skills, competence and confidence may be the difference between passing and failing. If you want to pass your driving test, make sure you seriously consider your options when it comes to driving schools. Here are some tips to consider when looking for a driving school:

    Compare Driving Schools

    You should find that there are a number of schools and instructors operating in your local area, so it makes sense to review and compare these schools. One of the biggest benefits that come from the emergence of the internet and social media is that it has never been easier for people to voice their opinions about companies and the service they provide. If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable driving school, look for reviews and search the companies on social media. If people have positive things to say about the company or they leave negative comments, you should start to form an opinion on what company is best for your needs. If you have friends, colleagues or relatives who have taken driving lessons recently, ask them what they thought of the service they received. There is also a lot to be said for contacting different driving schools, explain that you are looking to take driving lessons soon and talk to them about the service they offer. You may find that one school will feel right for you or that they can provide you with the answers you are looking for when wanting to find a reliable driving school. A good starting point when comparing driving schools is starting with companies that are approved by the DVSA. If a driving school isn’t approved by the DVSA or they don’t offer the sort of driving lessons you are looking to book, cross them off of your list of firms to consider and focus on other driving schools.

    Location, Location & Location

    You should look for a driving school in the location that will be most convenient for you. For most people, this will be driving schools that are based closed to their home but it may be that you would prefer to choose a driving school close to your place of work, your place of education or some other location that is convenient for you. You need to think about the place you want to be picked up from and dropped off, and choosing a driving school that operates in this area makes sense. This is because it will save you time, it will save you money, you’ll hopefully feel more relaxed and less harassed. In addition to making your life easier, selecting a specific area for a driving school will narrow down your search, hopefully making the review process easier to get through.

    Don’t Forget Cost

    No matter what you do these days, you always need to think about the price and the impact driving lessons will have on you. Owning and running a car isn’t cheap but driving lessons can also impact on your budget and disposable income. There will be special offers available from some driving schools but you need to think about the overall cost of learning to drive. If a driving school offers discounted rates at the start and then increases their prices after the introductory offer, this may cost you more money in the long run. It is also vital that you don’t just focus on the cheapest or most affordable driving school. This is because you don’t receive the same level of support, guidance and teaching from different schools. You need to think about value for money because it may be that spending a bit more money on driving lessons will help you to pass quicker, saving you more money in the long run. Review the costs in association with reviews and try to determine if there is a driving school that provides you with the best value for money.

    Choose A School That Has Reliable Instructors

    Remember, the right driving instructor can be the difference between passing and failing your driving test. In 2014, there were over 40,000 registered driving instructors operating in London. These instructors can call on a varying array of experience, expertise, skills and teaching styles, so you need to recognise that every driving instructor has something unique about them. This means there will be some driving instructors that are more suitable for your needs than others. It can be difficult to know for sure what driving instructor is best for your needs but looking for driving instructors with good reviews, experience and a strong reputation will be of benefit. You’ll often find the best driving school is the driving school with the best driving instructors.