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Learn To Parallel Park With These Step By Step Instructions

  • Posted: 15-06-2016  In: Driving Tips

    Yikes! The one thing that’s important when it comes to learning how to drive is parallel parking, the bane for every driver ‘learning the ropes’.

    Yes, it can be difficult to master, but the important thing (that’ll help) is not to get overwhelmed and take this slow.

    The following tips should also help;

    Practice, Practice, and Then Some More Practice

    Just like every other skill, learning how to parallel park requires a bit of practice.

    Also, don’t park your car into an angle or space you aren’t comfortable with. Just back the car out of the space and start again.

    When parallel parking, find a space that’s about six feet longer than your vehicle. When doing this, always keep a lookout for traffic. Another driver on the road won’t know it’s your first time parallel parking.

    Other Important Tips:

    • Since gas isn’t needed when parallel parking, the foot must always be on the brake. If not on, then at least near it.
    • Signal other cars that you’re turning before pulling in and remember to flash your break lights too.
    • Ease slowly into a spot.

    Practice the “S” Method

    While rules of thumb and some driving experience does help, repeatable exercises of the S method will also help when it comes to parallel parking.



    Switch On Your Signal

    This is important. Also put up at least 3 feet of distance from the intended car you’ll park behind. The back tires should align with the back bumper of the other vehicle.

    Maneuver Your Car in Reverse Position

    Maneuver the wheels of your car to the right. Then back up slowly until your car is in a certain position. Then stop! Now maneuver them this time to the left.

    Back the Car Slowly

    When parking, make sure that your vehicle is about 12 inches away from the curb. Only practice will increase your prowess at this. Judging distances is a bit tricky that only gets better with time.

    With enough practice, the following steps will seem natural and effortless. Thankfully, finding an early date for a missed driving test isn’t as complicated as perfecting parallel parking. It’ll only take 3-5 minutes of your time! Book a cancelled driving test today.