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Laws Drivers Need To Follow

  • Posted: 25-05-2017  In: Driving News Driving Tips General Driving

    Staying safe while driving depends on a number of factors but it is essential that motorists know the laws that have to be followed.

    Drink-driving and alcohol


    Alcohol can have a serious effect on a motorist’s ability to drive and will increase the likelihood of being in an accident. It is essential that drivers are aware of the legal limits for alcohol before they drive, and motorists should be aware of the penalties that can be imposed on drivers who are found guilty of breaching these rules.

    Speed limits

    Motorists should avail themselves of the national speed limits for the style of road they are driving on, but it is important to be aware of signs that indicate a temporary change in the speed limit for an area or stretch of road. Travelling faster than the recommended speed limit increases the chances of a motorist being involved in an accident and it also increases the potential damage and severity of the accident.

    Medicines and drugs

    It is important for drivers to be aware of the negative impact that medicines and drugs can have on a motorist’s ability to drive. Many store bought medicines offer warnings about drowsiness or tiredness, which can reduce a motorists’ ability to drive well. Illegal drugs should be avoided prior to driving as these are also likely to have a negative impact on the motorists’ ability to drive.

    Mobile devices

    The statistics indicate that someone using a mobile phone when driving is four time more likely to be involved in a crash. This is why there are laws against the use of hand-held mobile devices and similar devices.

    Tinted windows

    Tinted windows can impact on a drivers’ ability to see out of their front side windows and windscreen, which is why there are regulations relating to the standard and finish of tint that can be used for car windows.

    Seat belts

    The driver is responsible for wearing their own seat belt and ensuring that all passengers in the vehicle buckle up.