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Important Driving Tips for New Drivers

  • Posted: 19-10-2017  In: Driving Tips

    First of all, Congratulations for passing the driving test. Getting a driving license is indeed a sign of freedom, but that doesn’t give you right to roads and vehicles. Driving licenses are mandatory to drive any vehicle on the road legally, but there have been several cases where misuse of driving caused trouble for everyone.

    Here’s a list of few valuable tips that all new drivers must read and know before getting into the vehicle.

    1. A Routine Glimpse over the Vehicle

    This should be the first step every time before driving; it includes casual safety checks like tyre pressure, radiator and oil level, checking the fluid levels, and a little inside safe look. You should also know that these are the things that cause most of the accidents on the road, so it is better to check before it’s too late.

    2. First-Aid Box & Emergency Tools

    Having a first-aid box in the car does not mean you’re inviting the possibilities of hazards, but it’s more like a precautionary act that is mandatory. It comes handy in times of accidents when anyone requires prompt medical attention. You should also have an emergency toolbox that has essential tools for tyre, battery, etc. such as flares and jumper cables.

    3. Weather Forecasts

    Maybe the weather was pleasantly warm or moderately cold, but it will not be the same forever. The weather when you had your driving test will be different so do not synchronise the driving with the weather. You must be able to drive proficiently in any circumstances by adapting the nature of the weather. Some new drivers get frightened from driving at night or during rain or minor storms.

    4. Respect the Road

    You’re not the only one driving on the road; pedestrians are walking beside the road on the paved footpaths. Even though they’re not part of the road, but you should look after them very carefully, for example near zebra crossing be careful while reaching signals and crowded areas. Some countries have made mandatory for drivers to stop anywhere between the road if there’s a pedestrian trying to cross the road (UAE).

    5. Don’t Indulge in Anything

    Just because you have a driving license, it does not mean you’re now a professional driver. There’s a difference between legal drivers and professional drivers; you will have your professionalism after driving successfully on the road. Therefore, do not heroically use mobile phones, and drink or eat anything while driving and don’t do these things even after becoming professional drivers because it will bring bad news, Drive Safe.