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How to Find Driving Test Cancellations?

  • Posted: 24-12-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    There are various pieces of information all over the web on how to check for driving test cancellations. Today, we have decided to go further ahead on our research, to put up useful advice on different ways to finding driving test cancellation slots. We are also going to answer some few questions and myths that exist concerning this topic.

    To get started on this subject, let us first understand what we mean by driving test cancellations.

    What is a driving test cancellation?

    Sometimes, someone who is due to take their driving test in the next couple weeks or days cancel their test. Many people cancel their practical driving test due to professional or personal life schedule.

    When they make the cancellation, the test gets released back onto the DSA website. If you are quick enough, you can log into the system and reserve the test for yourself. Reserving helps move your driving test weeks or months earlier.

    Is there a cancellation “list”?

    From the DSA website, there is no special or dedicated cancellation list category. When someone cancels their driving test, it pops up almost instantly on the DSA site. This slot is up for grabs to whoever reserves it first. To save time and extra hustles it is recommended to use a third-party system. These systems search for these slots on your behalf.

    How can I check for driving test cancellation slots?

    Those who would like to check for driving test cancellation manually can do so by visiting the DSA website. You log on the site, enter your details and search for the closest date at your test centre.

    If you do not get any useful information, you have to try again and again. Cancellations do come up from time to time. However, you have to be vigilant and quick to grab the opportunity that presents itself.

    Using third party sites to check to driving test cancellation slots

    Hundreds of driving instructors, driving schools and individuals use automated systems to find quicker test dates. These slots result from cancelled driving tests. Those who do not have time to pass through the manual hassles of checking on the DVSA site employ third party companies for timely assistance.

    By far, the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to search for driving test cancellation slots is by using third party sites.

    To use third-party companies, you need to follow a couple of easy steps.

    Step 1:

    Set up your account by only filling quick and easy account setup form, and pay a small fee, and get the test cancellation updates as many times as you want.

    Step 2:

    From the form, you specify the test centres and dates when you would like to take your next test, and also the dates you can’t take.

    Step 3:

    The company then search from DSA site every few minutes.

    Step 4:

    You are then get a notification via a text message on the next available and suitable date, for you to confirm the booking for reservation.

    Searching for earlier tests manually can be time-consuming. It may be impossible especially if you are at school, college or tied up by work. If you change your test to an earlier date, you could save yourself loads in driving lesson costs.

    Signing up for automated driving test cancellation updates is the most convenient way to change your test date. The system can find a practical test date; else you are assured of money back.

    How can we help?

    People cancel their allocated driving tests all the time. Our work is to find these earlier test slots and offer them to our clients. We provide driving test cancellation services all around the United Kingdom. We specialise in finding earlier short notice driving test dates for customers who need them.

    Our systems search the DSA site over a thousand times a day. As soon as the driving test cancellations occur, we notify you via a text message. You only need to reply to our message with the word “Book.” We then update your DSVA booking to the next date straight away.

    Our systems operate around the clock to search for DVSA cancellations database every minute. There are no hidden or ongoing fees after making the one-time payment during registration. We strive to find the test date for almost all our customer. If we don’t find, we refund your money in full.