How it Works?

Our system searches the DVSA website every minute. Once we find a cancellation date, we'll reserve it for you and notify you by text message. Simply respond to our text message with the word "Book" and we will update your booking straightaway.

  • You get notified

    Once we find a test that meets your criteria, we will immediately reserve the date and notify you through a text message. From there, all you have to do is reply with the word "Book" within 15 minutes, and we will change your driving test date. If the date is not a suitable one, just ignore the notification; our system will keep on working until it finds a test that will meet your needs.

  • We change your test date

    Once you respond to the text message with the word "Book", we will change your current driving test date, and you will also get a confirmation email from DVSA regarding the changes. It really is that easy!