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How to Find an Early Driving Test?

  • Posted: 21-10-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    People who want to get a UK driving licence are often uninformed of the long driving test waiting times experienced in the DSA driving centres. This becomes a major problem if one is required to have these licenses as a legal condition or professional condition. There is no clear method that can be used to ensure reduced test waiting time, although there are some options that can be used that are likely to cut the time down by several weeks. In this article we will look at the different ideal approaches to book for a test drive and reduce on the waiting time.

    Waiting time at Test Centres

    Driving test waiting times will usually vary significantly depending on the location of the test centre. These variations can be from a few weeks to 12 weeks or more. However, most rural locations have a shorter waiting period. Due to a high population density, London is the most affected area and here one can wait more than 12 weeks. Therefore as a general rule, the higher the population, the longer the driving test waiting time. In as much as the DSA employs many examiners in places with a high population, the test centres have a restricted capacity on the number of tests conducted on a particular day due to the centre size. Another factor to consider is daylight hours. This is because the tests can only be conducted during the day and this is the reason why fewer tests are done during the winter period.

    Driving Test Plan

    If you are undertaking the driving tests with an instructor, they should be well aware of the driving test waiting time in your location. After the first driving lesson, have a discussion with the instructor on the waiting time, the suitable course of lessons and the best time that you can book the test drive so as to avoid the waiting time. Remember that you will be required to have done and passed the theory part before booking for the practical test drive. If you live in the UK or are just visiting and have an international driving permit or driving experience, you will then likely require fewer driving lessons so as to reach the required standard. In such a situation, take a theory test first; once passed, you can go ahead and book for the test drive. With an international driving permit, one has 12 months driving entitlement but it is important to pass the UK practical test before the lapse of the 12 months.

    Early Driving Test Dates

    To obtain an earlier test driving date, you will be required to book an immediate test appointment. Once this is done, you can check to see if there are any cancelled spots and take them. This is a good opportunity to reduce the waiting time by weeks. Other times during which earlier test times can become available come up if more test examiners have been hired in order to reduce the waiting times. There are two options you can use to find early test appointments:

    Booking the test online

    Driving tests can be called off, postponed, or taken earlier, depending on logistics. If you are looking to find an earlier date, ensure that you check the DSA website as often as possible because these open slots are taken as soon as they open up.

    Early driving test via phone

    You can get in touch with the DVSA by phone and acquire information on early driving. This is an automatic speech recognition service and is the same one used to make test bookings. You will be given several options to choose from and the services are available from 6 am to midnight throughout the week. When making the call you will be required to have ready your theory test certificate and driving test bookings numbers for reference.

    We can help aswell!

    If you find it hard to check the DSA website regularly for test cancellations OR you don’t have the time to do it, we can help you find an earlier driving test date. Once you signup for our driving test cancellation checker, we start searching the DSA website regularly (a least 1,000 times every day) and inform you of any cancellations via text message.