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Have You Fallen for These 4 Myths About Driving Tests

  • Posted: 22-12-2016  In: Driving Tips

    It’s no secret that getting your driving license in the UK is more involved and a more difficult process than it is in a lot of other countries. However, because the process is a little bit complex and involves a few steps, some myths have sprouted up about the driving test that are tripping up student drivers and test-takers. Take a moment to read through these and see if you’ve fallen for any of the top myth about driving tests.

    The DVSA Has a Driving Test Cancellation List

    First, because it can take so long to book a driving test with the DVSA, people are always looking for ways to get their tests moved up earlier. Some people call the DVSA or their local testing centre every single morning until they get a cancellation or until the day of their original booking.

    Perhaps out of wishful thinking, the rumour of a driving test cancellation list has been running rampant lately. Supposedly, if you call the DVSA, you can get them to put you on the list to be notified whenever a cancellation occurs. This is not true, and we’re sure that the poor people working at the DVSA are tired of hearing people ask about it.

    Fortunately, there’s actually something much more convenient than a driving test cancellation list – Driving Test Finder. When you sign up with our service, we’ll look for driving test cancellations for you and notify you if one appears on a date and time that work for you. We’ll immediately reserve the appointment, and then you have 15 minutes to let us know that you want to book it. It’s much simpler and more effective than getting on a list at the DVSA.

    Driving Examiners Really Like Failing Students

    This is another one that everyone seems to believe. Just because the practical driving test is very rigorous, people assume that the DVSA only hires people who love failing would-be drivers. That’s really not the case, though. The examiners at the DVSA are professionals who are expert drivers with a great deal of knowledge about the rules of the road. Their goal is to pass drivers who are ready to hit the road without assistance or supervision. So, if you study, take driving lessons, and practise, you really should have no trouble passing.

    You’ll Fail If Your Car Stalls

    If you’re taking the test with a manual transmission vehicle, don’t worry too much about stalling. Stalls happen to everyone, and your examiner will understand and will not automatically fail you if your vehicle stalls when you’re starting up a hill or starting from a dead stop. If you stay calm and handle the situation safely and quickly, you can continue your test and you’ll probably pass with no problem.

    On the other hand, unlike the DVSA’s driving test cancellation list, there is a tiny grain of truth to this myth. If you stall your vehicle in a dangerous situation where you’re in the middle of traffic and you do not handle the situation in a safe manner, you’re likely going to have problems passing the test. So keep calm and practice, practice, practice so that you’re comfortable with your vehicle on test day.

    They Fail Everyone on Fridays

    Finally, of all of the myths about driving tests (even the driving test cancellation list), this one is the most ridiculous. At some point, someone heard several of their friends say that they’d all failed the driving test and that they’d all taken it on Fridays. From there, the myth was born, and people are afraid to take the test on Fridays at certain testing centres. Other testing centres have other strange myths about them, as well, but they’re all just not true. After all, why would the DVSA want to fail people, especially on a particular day?

    So, how many of these myths did you think were true? Have you called the DVSA looking for a driving test cancellation list, or were you trying to avoid booking your test on a Friday? Don’t worry about any of these myths, but do sign up with Driving Test Finder to get an earlier test date so that you can get your license sooner!