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Benefits of Early Driving Test

  • Posted: 03-11-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    Getting a UK driving license should be simple, shouldn’t it? Maybe you will take some driver’s training and then book an appointment for the theoretical test and the practical test. That should take just a few weeks. However, many drivers are unaware of the fact that there are very long driving test waiting times at all of the DSA driving centres. In fact, the average waiting time is an astonishing nine or more weeks. Fortunately, there are ways to book an early driving test.

    Start with Plans

    If you are currently preparing for a test, you can actually make solid plans that will help you to obtain an appointment sooner than if you wait until the last moment. For example, if you are using a driving instructor to prepare for your exam, be sure that you book your test at the end of your very first, formal lesson. The instructor will probably suggest this too as they will want to help you avoid a very long wait.
    Your instructor will also remind you that you have the theory portion of the test that has to be passed before you can book the practical exam, so be sure you have this part of the process in hand.

    Take and pass the theory portion of the test first. Book time behind the wheel with your instructor, and at the end of that first lesson, book your exam. While you may still hear that you have nine or more weeks to wait, you will be mastering your driving skills and will be in fine form when the day of the practical test arrives.

    Further Tips for Obtaining an Early Driving Test

    One of the simplest tips for booking an early driving test is choosing a rural location. London is a location with waiting times of more than 12 weeks for most would-be drivers, and so it is always wiser to select a rural area for your test. Even so, the DSA is not employed with an extraneous number of examiners, and the test centres can only book a set number of tests on any given day. They can also book strictly during daylight hours, meaning that the winter months have even fewer appointment options.

    So, choose rural and choose the spring and summer months to get an early driving test. Thus far, we have learned that you should take the theory portion of the test, pass it and then book your lessons. If you are not taking lessons, simply book the practical exam the day you pass the theory portion. Then use the tip just provided – if possible. If you can book in a rural area during the longer days, you may get an early driving test.

    Be Proactive

    You can also get an early driving test by looking for cancelled dates. Once you have the initial date scheduled, you are welcome to use the DSA website to see if there are any openings. You will have to go online and look at all of the dates leading up to yours, and most cancellations are booked quickly, but you can cut your wait by days or weeks.

    You can also phone the DSA and use their automated service to see if there are any openings sooner than your scheduled date. You must have your drive test booking number and the theory test certificate on hand, but if you are willing to persist, it can help you get an earlier date.

    Of course, there are also options like ours that can do all of the heavy lifting for you. While it is easy to check the DVSA website or use the phone service, few have the time. Instead, you can work with us to get an early driving test. We will take all of your information – including your pre-existing appointment date, your theory test certificate and your preferred date and time for an appointment – and keep searching for an earlier driving test date. Simply sign up with our driving test finder and we do a search at least one thousand times each day – booking any opportunities and alerting you, if you would like, via text or phone.