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Driving Test Tips That Really Work

  • Posted: 18-11-2016  In: Driving Tips

    If you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming practical driving test, you’re definitely not alone. The driving test isn’t easy or simple and a lot of people fail it on their first, second, and even third attempts.

    At the same time, if you’re prepared and calm when the day comes for your test, you’ll have a much better chance of passing the first time around.

    It really doesn’t have to take several months and several attempts to get your driving license. Just follow these tips and learn how to find cancellations for driving test appointments, and you might be a legal, licensed driver before you know it.

    Don’t Skimp on Driving Lessons

    Your dad may have told you that he passed the practical driving test after only eight hours of lessons and a few hours on the road, but he’s probably exaggerating. To be honest, most student drivers need at least 47 hours of lessons and 20 more hours of practice on their own.

    Yes, spending more time with a driving instructor will cost more, but it will not cost as much as paying the fees to take the driving test over and over again. Furthermore, you’ll gain a lot of valuable driving knowledge and skills that you can apply on the road to be a safer and more effective driver after you get your license.

    Can You See a Number Plate 20 Metres Away?

    Before you get in the car and start driving, your examiner is going to test your vision. If you plan to drive without glasses or contact lenses, you will need to take the vision test without the aid of any corrective lenses. Otherwise, you will be required to wear glasses or contacts whenever you operate a vehicle in the UK.

    Some people assume that this means they should attempt to take the vision test without their glasses, as it will allow them to drive legally even if they’ve lost their glasses or didn’t have time to put their contacts in before leaving the house.

    This might be a good idea if you have a light prescription, but be aware that you will only have three chances to correctly read a number plate that’s 20 metres away. If you cannot do that without assistance, you really shouldn’t try.

    So, if you need your glasses or contacts to see at that distance, be sure to bring them with you and wear them throughout the test. Otherwise, you could fail before you even get in the car. Then you’ll be looking at how to find cancellations for your driving test so that you can retake a test you were probably already prepared for.

    Know Your Highway Codes

    You had to learn the highway codes to pass the theory test, so you should be familiar with many of them already. Keep studying these so that you are familiar with and comfortable making the right decision in any situation on the road.

    If you know the highway codes for all of the situations you may encounter in the driving test and you’ve spent enough hours on the road practising, you’ll be ready to find out how to find cancellations for driving test appointments so that you can get an earlier test date.

    Then you can get your license and be on your way!

    Practice to Avoid the Big Mistakes

    Finally, do you know the biggest and most common mistakes that people make when taking the driving test? They’re actually really simple things – like failing to check mirrors when starting to move or reverse parking, and failing to properly observe traffic at roundabouts and junctions. Practice these details and you’ll avoid some of the most common mistakes that result in failure.

    Follow these tips, and, when you’re ready, check out how to find cancellations for driving test appointments with Driving Test Finder. We can help you get an earlier appointment so that you can take your test and get your license faster!