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Driving Test Times: Good and Bad

  • Posted: 05-06-2017  In: Driving Tips

    There are many factors to consider when taking your driving test, and there are different times of day when you can take your driving test. All of the tests will take place during daylight hours but that can still offer a degree of flexibility for you.

    If you have personal circumstances, such as childcare, work, education or other factors that impact on your availability, you should aim to arrange a driving test time that suits your needs. If you have a regular driving lesson time that you feel happy and confident with, it may be that you should consider choosing a time close to this period as the ideal time to take your driving test.

    Choose the time that suits you best

    It may be that you are a “morning person” or you feel that you are definitely not a “morning person”, and you should bear this in mind when looking to book a time. Of course, it may be that you have a date in mind or you are looking for a driving test date very soon, and this may see you having to choose from a limited range of options. If you feel confident about choosing from different times, opting for a date that is soon may be best for you.

    While everyone is different and will have their own individual or personal feelings about what the best driving test time for them is, you should look to avoid driving during rush hour traffic. It stands to reason that this will be the busiest time, and you should look to minimise the level of pressure and stress that you are under during your test. Opting for a driving test time at a quieter period of the day when there is likely to be less traffic on the road is a smart option that will hopefully help you stay focused on the driving aspect of the test.

    Discuss options with your driving test instructor

    When planning your driving test, it is always a good idea to discuss your options with your driving instructor. They should have a good idea of your capabilities and they may have an idea of what time is likely to be best suited for your needs. You should also look ahead to see if there are any special events lined up for the date of your driving test because you don’t need external factors causing further problems or placing you under more pressure when it comes to the driving test.

    Ultimately, the driving test is an examination of your skills and driving capabilities, and eventually, you will be looking to drive at all hours of the day and night. However, finding a driving test time that allows you to feel relaxed and focused on the test is of benefit, and this could be a key factor in the final outcome of your driving test.