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    Posted: 02-11-2017  In: Driving News

    Gareth Llewellyn, Executive Director of DVSA, told the media on April 4th, 2017 that they are introducing a geo-location test based on technological advancements in cars such as Satellite Navigation, GPS tracking etc. for drivers to avoid future disappointments. This change will be implemented on 4th of December this year and will become a prominent part of driving tests in the UK. According to report, it is mandatory for every driver (including novice drivers) to take a 20-minute test of GPS to demonstrate how good they drive with technology.

    Why is it so important now?

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    Since every car in the UK now has GPS and other geolocation devices which helps them get to places with hectic directions. The decision of making this mandatory came after reviewing some failures and fatal accidents caused by low knowledge of GPS or tracking devices in the car. Therefore, it is essential for every newbie or novice driver to learn correctly how to operate and utilise geolocation devices.

    The Secretary of State of Transportation, Andrew Jones added to the subject that “it will help reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the roads in the UK.”

    Can it be another cause of failure for new drivers?

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    Maybe not, but keeping the death toll in front, we can assume that failing the driving test based on geolocation test will cost licenses. Therefore, it’s better to familiarise yourself with the latest technology already as every car on the road today equipment of state-of-the-art technology, ignoring its significance may not be a good idea after all. Besides, Gareth Llewellyn explicitly said that this introduction in the driving test is for everyone’s safety and that all matters in the end – stayin’ alive!

    How will it reduce the number of Accidents?

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    The Geolocation test is not only about getting to know the electronic tracking devices, but there also will be speed limit and manoeuvring instructions. Most people face accidents while looking or operating the GPS devices by not concentrating what’s ahead, that’s why steering the wheel at low-speed with proper manoeuvring will help in better understanding the geolocation test.

    Driving is becoming more dangerous with the advent of technology, and the purpose of driving rules, regulations and tests are to make 21st century an accident-free century or perhaps with less number of accidents. Driving tests help you experience what’s it’s like to drive on the roads, face your fears, register yourself with Driving Test Finder and drive safely on the streets.