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Driving Test: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Posted: 22-08-2017  In: Driving Tips

    Passing driving can be difficult, right? … Wrong it will be difficult as long as you’d allow it be otherwise it’s a piece of cake. Despite lack of practice and preparation, there are several reasons why people can fail their driving tests.

    Therefore, here’s the list of driving test Do’s and Don’ts that you need to cater for passing the driving test

    1. Before the Test

    1.1 Do prepare yourself for both theory and practical test. Consult books and relevant material from anywhere feasible to avoid disappoint.

    1.2 Don’t go late to bed for sleep before the test night. You need to sleep early to wake up early. If you’re not fresh and on time then you’re definitely going to waste your time and money both.

    1.3 Do leave your home with confidence and positivity. It will help you overcome anxiety during the test. Just believe in yourself.

    2. Getting into the Car

    2.1 Don’t forget to put on the seatbelt when you sit inside the car.

    2.2 Do adjust the mirror the instance you get in the car.

    2.3 Don’t forget to check for minors such as signals, brakes, steering, parking lights, headlights, wipers and any other necessary function

    3. Theory Test

    3.1 Don’t answer questions in hurry. Hold your horses and take at least 2 mins to read questions to understand and then answer what you feel the best is.

    3.2 Do carefully pay attention to what the examiners have to say before or during the tests. Apart from time reminders, sometimes examiners highlight mistakes in the paper. Be Attentive

    3.3 Don’t let your fears take over your thoughts. You must activate your conscious only for your test. Stay calm, relaxed and answer properly without having mental stress of any sort

    4. Practical Test

     4.1 Do pay attention to speed and signals. Make sure your eyes are on the road, slow down if the signal is red, put the gear to neutral when stopped and push the accelerator slowly to move forward

    4.2 Don’t get distracted by anything on or off the road. Remember you only need to be careful about the road. Don’t pay too much attention to anything other than required

    4.3 Do follow rules and regulations. This is what instructor notices the most. 18% people fail the practical test in UK due violation of regulations. So be careful

    5. Happy Ending

    5.1 Don’t forget to park your properly. Regardless of if you’ve nailed the entire test, if you are not able to park properly, the instructor can and perhaps will fail you. Don’t get overexcited or too confident.

    5.2 Do respond to the instructor if he asks you or indulges in any friendly communication. Some people are too stubborn to break the ice, that’s you need to avoid this thing. Respect the instructor even if he/she fails you.

    5.3 Don’t forget to thank the instructor for maximum courtesy. Words can be used to provide good gesture. Whatever you do make sure it’s not in violation of regulations and the instructor is happy with you even if you fail the test and that’s a big ‘IF’.