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Driving Test Changes for 2017

  • Posted: 16-11-2016  In: Driving News

    The rumours are true – in the coming year, we can expect to see a number of changes to the practical driving test. Because the test is already challenging and because testing centres often get booked several weeks or months in advance, we expect to see even more people taking advantage of driving test cancellation services like the ones you’ll find at Driving Test Finder once these changes take effect.

    Fortunately, though, if you know about the changes ahead of time, you can prepare for them. Then, once you’re ready to take the test, you can schedule your test and look for cancellations and earlier test dates with a quality driving test cancellation checker. So how will the new 2017 driving test differ from the old ones?

    More Independent Driving

    In the independent driving portion of the test, you currently are required to drive the vehicle by following traffic signs and/or a series of verbal cues for 10 minutes. As of 2017, you will be required to do this for 20 minutes. This increased independent driving time is supposed to help examiners get a better idea of your expertise as a driver, but it also gives you more opportunities to make mistakes. In preparation, you may want to spend more time with an instructor or practising on your own.

    A New Addition to Independent Driving

    Not only is the length of time for the independent driving portion of the test being increased, but there’s a new detail. Because so many people are now using satellite navigation (GPS) systems to get from place to place, as of 2017, you will be required to follow GPS directions during your test. This should not be a problem for most people accustomed to using their phones and other devices to find their way from place to place, but it’s important to know about this update so that you can practice for it.

    Changing Manoeuvres

    If you’re concerned about manoeuvres like “turn in the road” and “reverse around a corner,” you may want to check out a good driving test cancellation checker soon before the new 2017 rules come into play. Basically, instead of doing these kinds of manoeuvres in a simulated manner, you will be asked to do real-life manoeuvres, like reversing out of a parking bay.

    “Show Me, Tell Me” While Driving

    People are already concerned about the “Show Me, Tell Me” questions that examiners have for their vehicles, but in 2017 these questions will come with an added level of stress. One of these questions will still be asked of you when you get to the vehicle, but the other will actually be asked while you are driving the vehicle. For example, your driving test examiner might ask you to tell them where a particular safety feature of the vehicle is and then ask you to use it while driving.

    Take the Test Before the Changes Go into Effect

    A lot of drivers in the UK are worried that the new driving test will be much more difficult than the old one. While the changes are necessary to keep the test up to date with the latest laws and driving practices, they might be a bit intimidating to new drivers. Instead of worrying about these changes, why not use a driving test cancellation checker like the one we offer at Driving Test Finder to take your driving test before 2017?

    If you feel like you’re prepared for the current version of the driving test right now, there’s no reason that you should have to wait until the test becomes stricter and more difficult to pass. Instead, take advantage of our services at Driving Test Finder and get the opportunity to take the test before you have to acclimate to some significant new changes.

    And, of course, if you find that you need to prepare for the new 2017 updates and/or you need to retake the test, you can always find cancellations so that you do not have to wait weeks or months to get your license.