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Why Drivers Don’t Use Indicators?

  • Posted: 27-09-2017  In: Driving Safety

    Indicators are an essential part of the car which allows not only the drivers to reveal his desire of turning the vehicle to others but also notifies drivers of surrounding about it. Unfortunately, British drivers aren’t familiar with the word indicator which is causing quite a harm on the roads. 12% accidents are caused annually by either not using the indicators while changing the heading or wrongly using it. Here are some of the reasons why drivers don’t use indicators.

    1. Too Lazy

    A Recent study has revealed that most drivers in the UK don’t use the indicators due to being too lazy for it. The reason they provided for such behaviour is that they have more important things to do while driving than using indicators. Well … don’t you know the ethics of driving a car? Apparently, no driver seems to have bothered reasoning their laziness for not using indicators which is stupidly-sad.

    2. Indicators don’t have SWAG

    Drivers with expensive and luxurious cars like Audi or BMW intentionally don’t use the indicators for any purpose because they believe that it will lessen their status while driving. Let’s think and talk about it first, their status? Indicators are there for your and everyone’s safety, and rich-spoiled drivers of the UK believe that it decreases the coolness. This is not only shocking but hurting as drivers try to maintain their privileges regardless of what happens to them or outsiders.

    3. Waking Up at Last Minute

    Some drivers don’t ignore the use of indicators but fail to notice the timing of it in the last minute. This is more dangerous than the safety, and still, it’s inappropriate. However, drivers lost their concentration by a distraction such as mobile phones, or eyes somewhere else but on the road. Drivers have also experienced zoning out which causes a direct accident.

    4. Don’t Know, Don’t Care

    This is one of the worst attitudes of British drivers as they don’t care if they’re using the indicators or not unless they’re fined, that’d be great. Otherwise, drivers either don’t know the proper use of indicators or simply don’t have time to do so. Everyone is in a rush, whether you are driving to school, university, or for work, everyone wants to be there on time, but what’s point of driving fast and not using indicators or obeying rules if you wouldn’t reach there alive?  Drivers who say they don’t have time for using it are simply arrogant and have zero level of driving and courtesy.

    5. Indicators Save Lives

    Drivers who don’t use indicators must be blamed for 12% accidents caused by not using indicators. How hard is it to understand that by not driving properly and accordingly will save lives? What’s the point of theory and driving tests if you’re just going to use it to get a license only?  According to the AA street watchers, 40,000 vehicles faced accidents at roundabouts and junctions’ due to 33% of them not using the indicators. Life is precious, save it for something useful.