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Drive Safely on Country Roads

  • Posted: 24-07-2017  In: Driving Safety Driving Tips

    Found in rural areas – Country road is a type of road that is not entirely flattened with stones and bricks making it unbalanced and bumpy for driving.

    If you’re a countryside native and adventurous driver, then you must consider driving safely on country roads to avoid causing or experiencing accidents.

    According to THINK! (a governmental department that provides basic information of roads to drivers):

    “59% of all fatalities occur on country roads. These roads often have sharp bends and blind bends which can hide unexpected hazards. Stay in control and give yourself time to react because you never know what’s around the corner. THINK! Brake before the bend, not on it.”

    As a matter of fact, country roads pose a prominent threat as there have been more than 1,000 road fatalities recorded in the year of 2014 on country roads.

    This is why it is important and mandatory to highlight few tips regarding safe driving.

    Here are 5 tips to Drive Safely on Country Roads:

    Reduce your Speed considerably

    You must control the speed to either low or average according to the traffic and condition of country road as soon as you enter it. Majority of the accidents are due to the fact that drivers were unaware to reduce the speed.

    Due to unpaved surface, stones, and dust, the tires will most likely to experience less adhesion and friction. Therefore, you must control the maneuvering to avoid skid.

    Take extra and special care when braking, because this is time when less fractioning of tires proportionally increases the probability of skid.

    When encountering danger ahead, you must slow down your engine by lowering your gears, applying the brakes accordingly or simply lifting your right foot from accelerator pedal (in case of automatic vehicle) so that the stop is more controlled.

    Always assume the unpredicted

    Make sure you’ve prepared yourself for any contingency as country roads are full of dangers and life threatening risks.

    These roads are filled with blindness and sharpness, hidden turnings, and various sharp bends on the edge of the road. You must evaluate all the eventualities to avoid accident.

    Drivers on country roads are normally fast than on usual road because they assume that they will mostly encounter congestion free road so be sure to expect reckless drivers overtaking or making deadly turns.

    It’s better to stop before someone’s hurt….

    Living on the Edge

    Never drive on the edge of the road, NEVER! Out of 59% country road fatalities in UK, 17% were caused due to the car being on the edge and lost its control which flipped the car with everyone in it to death.

    Mostly, country roads have its own water collecting pattern with ditches on the edges. Some even have remarkable depths.

    You must not drive near this area because there’s essentially always accumulation of materials that come off the road like debris of some kind and stones mostly.

    Carefully Reading the Sign Boards

    There are signs on every corner of the road. This is for driver’s safety so that he could know what dangers could he encounter he doesn’t follow the rules of the road.

    In 2016, several cases of accidents were recorded when drivers failed to recognized the importance of Animal signs.

    Regardless of what the herd is of – you must keep your eyes on the road to notice any sign and always remember the ‘Slow & Stop’ rule of country roads.

    Follow the traffic – Save your future

    Always stay behind if there’s happens to be a slow traffic. Drivers on country roads lose their anger instantly and want to overtake which mostly results in accidents.