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Don’t Want To Wait For Your Practical Driving Test? Do This Instead

  • Posted: 21-07-2016  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    Several people who want to get a UK driving license are surprised at the long wait times at various DVSA test centres. It is particularly more problematic if a person needs to get the license soon.

    Have you registered for the driving test and are waiting for your scheduled date? You don’t need to wait for long; there are other options to reduce this time.

    Here’s a brief guide about the wait times and how you can cut it short:

    How long can wait times be?

    Wait times for the driving tests can vary, depending on your city and certain other factors. In general, waiting time may range from a few days to 12 or more weeks.

    Major cities have longer waiting times despite having more examiners. It is because the test centres still have a limited capacity for the number of tests that can be conducted in a day. London, being the most densely populated city, often has a wait time of over 12 weeks.

    Plan your driving test date

    If you are taking driving lessons, your instructor must have a good idea about wait times in your locality. Discuss test dates after a few lessons. Remember, you can’t book a practical test until you have successfully attempted the theory examination.

    If you already have driving experience and an international driving permit, then you wouldn’t need more than a few driving lessons. While this makes it easier for you to pass the test, your license only allows driving for 12 months. You should attempt the test before this period ends.

    How to book earlier driving test dates?

    For an earlier date, you first need to have a valid booking.

    People often cancel their bookings so these dates become available for those who want to attempt the test sooner. You can make an earlier booking:

    Online: You need to constantly check for empty slots as these are taken almost as soon as they become available.

    By phone: You can also call the DVSA just as you do to make a booking. Listen carefully to the instructions and keep your theory test and booking reference number with you.

    Use Driving Test Finder for checking test dates

    If you’re studying or working, it’s difficult to continuously keep a check for an earlier date. We verify driving test cancellations thousands of times every day and can inform you as soon as a date is available.

    Are you interested in our checker? Then sign up here so you can attempt a quick driving test at the earliest date possible.