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How to Check for Driving Test Cancellations

  • Posted: 28-03-2017  In: Driving Test Cancellations

    If you’re in the process of getting your driving license. You know that it’s not uncommon for people to fail their theory test and/or practical driving test multiple times. Before they pass and are able to get on the road with a full driving license.

    As a result, you’re no doubt wondering if there’s any way that you can skip to the head of the line and take your driving test sooner.

    You likely already know that you may be able to get an earlier test date if another driver cancels their test and you’re able to secure their booking. Of course, that brings up the question of how to check for driving test cancellations.

    You’re probably not looking forward to calling the DVSA every day to check for those cancellations, though, right? Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to do it. Just use our service at Driving Test Finder.

    Get Online Help

    First of all, you can automate the whole process by using a simple online service, but you will have to do one thing first. You’ll have to go ahead and book your driving test with the DVSA.

    Once you do this, you’re guaranteed that this test date will be the latest you will possibly take your driving test – unless, of course, you cancel your test for any reason.

    After you book your test, the next step for how to check for driving test cancellations is simple. Just sign up with Driving Test Finder, and we will automatically search for cancellations that would allow you to take the test sooner.

    As soon as we find a cancellation, we will notify you, and if you respond with “Book” within 15 minutes, you’ll have a reserved testing date that could be much sooner than your original date.

    What If You Want to Hold Out for the Closest Date?

    Now, you may be wondering, as you think about how to check for driving test cancellations, what happens if we find a cancellation that is only a couple of weeks sooner than your original test date? Should you book it or wait to see if anything better comes along?

    According to the DVSA, you can reschedule your driving test date up to six times before you have to cancel and start over. So, if we find a date that’s slightly better than your original date, you can go ahead and book it.

    Then you can have us keep looking for new test dates for you, and you’ll have five more chances to get an earlier driving test before you’re committed.

    No Cancellation List Available at the DVSA

    If you’re looking for how to check for driving test cancellations on your own, you’ll have to ring them every day and you still may not find a cancellation.

    While there isn’t a way to get priority for a cancellation through the DVSA, fortunately, you can always turn to your friends at Drive Test Finder for help.

    When you sign up, you’ll be able to choose three preferred testing centres, a date range for cancellations you’re interested in, and times during the day when you are free to take the test.

    if we don’t find a cancellation to move your driving test up, you won’t be charged anything at all. So stop worrying how to check for driving test cancellations and sign up with Driving Test Finder to get an earlier test without the stress.