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When You Must Change a Driving Test Date

  • Posted: 11-11-2016  In: Driving Tips

    It can be one of the most frustrating things to occur, but nonetheless it happens. You have booked a practical driving test, waiting weeks or even months for the day to arrive, and then something interferes with your schedule and you discover you must change the driving test date. It is not unusual for those with driving test appointments to face such a dilemma, but there are some things to consider before you cancel that testing date or even try to change the driving test.

    Never Cancel

    One of the first things to understand is that obtaining your testing date gives you the chance to look for alternative dates. Anyone who wishes to use the DSA database to look for cancelled dates or open appointments can only do so when they have an official driving test booking number. You can change a driving test date, understanding that it may be a date far into the future, but that is perfectly fine because you can still spend time looking for any earlier openings.

    Remember Business Days

    You can also only change driving test dates Monday through Friday. Should you seek to reschedule on a Friday, you will find that the process may roll over to the following week, making it challenging for you to handle the process on your own. Thus, waiting until the very last minute to change a driving test is never advisable, if avoidable.

    When you do access the system and make the changes, you will find that you can manually search for an appointment earlier than the one you already have. These are dates that are opened by someone else in the same predicament as you, changing or cancelling the test.
    However, these openings are often taken up almost as quickly as they become available – sometimes within seconds. This is because most people in need of a practical driving test find they must wait 9 to 12 weeks for an appointment.

    Unfortunately, not all of the earlier dates may work with your needs as well. After all, a booking during your work day or when you are unavailable is impossible to use, and so you may face ongoing frustrations in the search for an earlier test date.

    A Better Solution

    If the idea of waiting for weeks or months is not appealing, or if logging into the DVSA dozens of times each day is impossible (after all, who has that many hours of free time?), you can use our Driving Test Finder. We can help those who need to change driving test dates by doing all of the searching for you.

    We provide you with a money return policy and do our best to find a driving test date that is just what you require. We do this by looking through the entire DVSA database at least one thousand times per day in search of cancellations and openings. We will take your pre-existing driving test number, your theory test certificate (you must pass this portion of the exam before you can be supplied with a driving test appointment), and the dates and times that would suit your needs best.

    We then perform ongoing searches throughout the day and alert you via text or email whenever a likely test date becomes available. You have 12 minutes to respond with a simple “book” in reply to one of our messages, and we then make that appointment for you. If it is not a date or time that is suitable to your schedule, simply ignore the message and we continue to look.

    If you have been waiting, and waiting, for your driving test date to arrive only to discover that something is going to make it impossible, don’t cancel or get frustrated. We can provide you with the support needed to make the change to a sooner time.
    Perhaps you are worried that you are ill prepared and wish to change a driving test to a later date instead? We can help with that too, looking for a date that is days or weeks, rather than months, away.

    Waiting for something as important as your driver’s licensing can be very frustrating, but with our Driving Test Finder services, it doesn’t have to be such a challenge.