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Beware of Driving School Scams

  • Posted: 22-04-2016  In: Driving Instructors

    Though most driving schools provide quality training and education, there are some that are more interested in robbing students. At first, these schools aggressively promote unbelievably low prices and early driving tests and what not. Once you fall in the trap, they’ll offer you a deal to work things out. This is just one of the ways how they earn money.

    Here are some tips that’ll protect your money from such scams:

    Avoid Bundle Sellers

    Some driving schools will offer you lesson rates as if you’re in a wholesale market. If you see those selling 5 lessons for £50 or 10 lessons for £99, better look for another school.

    Don’t Fall for the Deal

    Then, there are those that offer candidates a deal, think about how that would be possible for any driving school. They’ll offer you a series of driving lessons but not a complete course. Essentially, they’ll rob you off many hours worth of theory and practical lessons against an early certificate. Though you’ll get the certificate, you’ll lack knowledge to handle the vehicle on most roads.

    Do your Research before Signing the Form

    Since you had signed the form before joining the school, you cannot sue the school as well. Driving scams will market their driving courses at ridiculously low prices. At times, they are so low that you are bound to become skeptic about them. Naturally, not all candidates can resist the deals and some might fall for it. Don’t sign the form without doing your own research on how driving school scams work.

    Look for A DVSA Certified Driving School

    Before deciding which school to attend, make a list of schools that interest you. Contact each of them and ask for their DVSA certification. On the other hand, also contact DVSA’s online support and inquire about the school. Keep in mind that obvious driving school scams cannot acquire DVSA certification.

    Also Avoid These

    There have been instances where some driving instructors drag lessons and add hidden charges, often without notifying the school. You wouldn’t realize that until it’s too late. If you feel like you’re being taken for a ride, immediately notify the school administration and urge them to take appropriate action.

    Choosing a driving school is very important as help you acquire your license quickly. For an early driving test, Driving Test Finder will provide you swift cancellation or rescheduling services for your driving test. For more information, call us now at 020-7100-4873.