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How to Ace Through Your Driving Test

  • Posted: 23-10-2016  In: Driving Tips

    A large part of passing your driving test is about how you prepare and build your skills. There is a need to take lessons, heed the instructions from your driving tutor and work hard on any problems or blind spots that you have. If you have a good quality driving instructor, you’ll develop your skills at a good rate and before too long, they will hopefully recommend that you sit your driving test. It is understandable that many learner drivers will be nervous or anxious about taking their driving test, but the vast majority of drivers felt the same in the build-up to their test. This is why you need to prepare yourself as best you can because this will increase your chances of acing your driving test.

    Prepare For The Written Test

    The first step you should take when preparing for the written test is obtaining a driver’s manual. This manual contains all of the information you will need to know in order to pass the written and driving elements of your test. Taking the time to read and understand the book is vital. A lot of people buy or obtain the book but don’t devote the time to taking in the valuable lessons on offer. Tips that you should work on include learning when to pull over for emergency vehicles. You should also take the time to familiarise yourself with different street signs and what they mean. A lot of people focus on this aspect for their theory test but this is information that will help to make you a better and safer driver, so you should think about the long term benefits of studying these matters. One good step to take, that many people forget or overlook, is to quiz yourself after you have read the book. This is the most effective way to understand what you are comfortable with and what areas you need to revise further. If you are able to obtain a score of around 80% when you test yourself, you should be confident about taking the written test.

    Prepare For The Practical Test

    There are also steps you can take to make yourself more comfortable and confident in advance of the practical test. The more you practice and carry out the steps that are relevant to the testing process, the more likely you will be to pass your test. There is an often repeated phrase but it still rings true that “the more I practice, the luckier I get.” If you want to pass your test first time and in a confident manner, take the time to properly prepare for your practical test.

    Prepare your car

    Before you set off, make sure the vehicle is in good condition. This includes checking your tires and ensuring that they are properly inflated. You should also ensure that your windscreen wipers, lights and controls are all working in the manner they should.

    Basic manoeuvres

    These basic manoeuvres are used on virtually every trip and if you cannot master these or be in control of them, it will send out the wrong signal to an examiner. Also, if you struggle with these issues, your confidence may fall, which means you may start to struggle in other areas where you are normally confident and competent. Some of the most basic manoeuvres where you want to be confident in include:

    • Stopping and starting the vehicle
    • Signalling
    • Reversing
    • Parking

    If you can master all of these different elements, you’ll find that you are in good shape for the rest of the test.

    Test routes

    If possible, find out the route of the driving test in advance. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the route, which can minimise any shocks or surprises that may occur on the road. This isn’t something you can do for every journey when you drive but for your driving test, you want to move the odds in your favour. If you find out the route, take the time to travel the route, paying attention to road signs and the intersections. Being prepared in advance is a smart move to enhance your chances of passing your test, so be prepared and give yourself a helping hand.

    Things To Avoid During A Driving Test

    There are some things you want to avoid at all costs when you take a driving test. Focus on:

    • Not speeding
    • Noticing stop signs and heeding their instruction
    • Noticing all traffic signals and adhering to their message

    You should also try and not focus on what the instructor is writing, you need to place all of your energy and focus on the road ahead of you and what is happening around you. You should also minimise the amount of talking you do with the instructor. You should pay attention to them and listen out for instructions but rather than having a conversation with them, your focus should be on the road.

    Useful Tips

    Given the importance of preparation, the most important tip for any learner driver preparing for their test is to spend as much time with their driving instructor as possible. A driving instructor will tell you the areas you need to focus on and what you do well, and their guidance will have a big impact on how you drive. Also, when you park, remember:

    • Mirror
    • Blind Spot
    • Signal