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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Driving Tests In The United Kingdom

  • Posted: 19-08-2016  In: Driving News

    While many of us have spent a lot of time studying and worrying about the driving test, you probably haven’t spent too much time considering the history of the driving test. There have been many interesting facts and stories regarding the driving test over the years. These facts may not help you to pass your test, but they should help you relax knowing that countless people have sat and passed their test.

    The first driving test cost £37.5p!

    The cost of driving lessons is quite expensive and this is something that all learner drivers need to consider. The benefits that come from being able to drive are well worth it in the end but when you are starting out, it can be a costly experience.

    It is easy to see why many modern drivers feel jealous when they hear about the cost of the first driving lesson. Mr J Beene was the very first person to pass the driving test, all the way back in 1935. The fee for the test was 37.5p, which was a notable price at the time but it is a fee that will leave many modern motorists feeling quite jealous and possibly angry.

    The cost of driving tests has risen far more sharply than the rate of inflation compared to the very first test though. If the cost of the driving test had risen in line with inflation, it would only cost between £12 and £25, so this is definitely one area where the first people to earn their driving licence benefitted.

    There were no test centres in 1935

    As you’d expect, the first driving tests were quite different from what we have now. One major difference is that there weren’t any driving test centres when the driving tests started. Rather than visiting your nearest test centre and starting from there, the learner driver had to arrange to meet the examiner in their local area.

    The most common meeting points were familiar local landmarks such as a post office or a town hall.

    World War II impacted on driving tests

    Normal life was on hold in the UK during the Second World War and the conflict impacted on driving tests too. Driving tests were suspended for the entire war and tests were only arranged again from 1946 once the rebuilding process had begun across the country.

    Drivers need to know the theory of driving

    One of the biggest changes in the driving test came in 1996 with the introduction of the theory test. It was decided that learner drivers needed to show an awareness of the rules of the road and that they knew what to do in certain situations. The theory test replaced questions about the Highway Code, which were asked by the examiner during the practical part of the driving test.

    While there is always going to be resistance to change of any nature, the theory test element of the driving test has become an integral part of the test. It is good that drivers are required to think about the rules and regulations of the road, and it helps them to be prepared for incidents or problems that can occur when driving.

    Driving test in the digital age

    The advent of the digital era has changed all parts of life and this includes the driving test. Back in December of 2001, online booking for driving tests were introduced providing further convenience for learner drivers who were looking to get on the road.

    Close to 50 million tests have been taken in the UK

    Ever since the introduction of driving tests, it has become an integral part of British life. In the last 80 years of the driving test in the UK, more than 46 million tests have been sat. Some individuals will be responsible for a lot more of these tests than others but all current drivers in the United Kingdom have undergone a similar process to be able to drive legally in the country.

    A driving test is understandably a daunting task and a big challenge in life because passing the test can open up so many options in a person’s life. However, the fact that so many people in the UK have taken and subsequently passed their driving test indicates that there is no reason why you cannot pass your test.

    If you are looking for an early test date or you require guidance on the driving test, Driving Test Finder is here to help. It is only natural that many people will be concerned or nervous about the driving test but with so many people studying, sitting and then passing their UK driving test on an annual basis, there is no reason why you should feel that this is beyond you.