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5 Thing You Will Do on Your First Driving Lesson

  • Posted: 12-10-2017  In: Practical Test

    We can understand the feelings of fear and anxiety you’re having, and that’s why we have brought down a list of top 5 things that you will most likely do on your first driving lesson. Driving Schools have average ratings in the UK, but not every school is mediocre. Test Finder brings you the best rated driving centres and schools with the excellent passing rate in the UK.

    Here’s the list of top 5 things you will do on your first driving lesson, read carefully and perform, Good Luck!

    1. Getting in the Vehicle

    The first thing you will have to do is to sit in the car, the driving schools and instructors allow students to sit as they like but ensuring that you do follow the basic do’s and don’ts while sitting. Here’s a quick link to the article we wrote couple days back that explains what exactly you should. Even if you don’t know these things already from theory, the instructor will teach you anyway. He will show you how mirror and seat are adjusted; he will teach you how to sit comfortably with good holding-grip.

    2. Driving Around Junctions & Roundabouts

    Once you start driving the car, the primary test includes simple right and left turns which may not be a problem for any learner. However, things get a little confusing and difficult for some when cars go in circles. The instructor will teach you first what to do when reaching a junction or a roundabout and further will tell you about turning with uniform velocity followed by use of brake and acceleration pedal. This is important, and instructor focuses more on these type of roundabouts so you must pay attention.

    3. Driving in Traffic

    The next thing you will have to do is to drive on main roads with average or low traffic. Instructors don’t usually jump to this section to skip other parts, but if they do then you might want to change your driving school. The instructor will teach you about the identification of obstacles, vehicles, pedestrians along with constant speed. Remember to stay calm and listen carefully what the instructor says and follow his driving instructions. He will also teach you about stopping distances (thinking distance + braking distance).

    4. Progress of the Day

    Once you complete your first lesson, the driver will appreciate you and provide you with a card that will tell you about your learning performance and will ask you to head back either to home or place of start. You will have to demonstrate your learning of the day while driving as the instructor will notice what you have learned so far. Remember, new drivers always tend to ask a question if they’re the worst drivers instructor has seen, but you should know that you’re only a student who’s learning to the driver, not a professional driver, of course, you’re going to make some mistakes, and that’s normal because it’s your learning phase. Therefore, the answer is yes, you are a bad driver because if you were good, you’d never be here in the first place. Learn passionately by removing all worrying barriers.

    5. Driving Task & Home Assignments

    Before you leave the driver will also give you driving task such as that will provide you with a know-how of what your next lesson will about to be. He will assign you home assignments related to mistakes you made during first lesson. Don’t forget to ask questions at this time if you have any and thank the instructor respectfully, always remember to respect your teachers.