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5 Reasons You May Fail Your British Driving Test

  • Posted: 25-05-2017  In: Driving Instructors General Driving

    Knowing the key reasons many people fail their British driving test will help you to avoid these problems. Here are 5 reasons you may fail your driving test. Failing to properly observe at junctions When you get to a junction in your car, there is every chance that you’ll have to emerge into other vehicles.

    It is essential you ensure there is a clear and safe path to proceed into, and this is one thing you will be judged on. If you can’t show the examiner you take precautions at a junction, they are liable to fail you.

    Failing to move off safely


    Moving onto the road, and potential traffic, from a stationary position, can be dangerous. There are procedures involved with this process and you should show that you take the time to look around you, that you check any potential blind spots and that you indicate correctly, so other drivers know what your actions are.

    Failing to use your mirrors properly

    Your mirrors provide you with important information with respect to driving safely and if you fail to use your mirrors correctly, an examiner would deem you to be driving in an unsafe manner.

    You should check your mirrors before pulling out, you should check your mirrors before increasing your speed and make sure you check your mirrors with enough time to react to what you see,

    Failing to reverse park properly


    Part of the driving test includes reverse parking or undertaking a parallel park. If you have to correct an inaccurate movement or a loss of control, you will receive a fault. If you lose control in a serious way or you make a major maladjustment, the examiner will record you as having made a serious fault.

    Failing to respond to traffic lights

    There are a number of ways in which you can make mistakes when driving with respect to traffic lights. If you wait at a green light when you should move on, or when you halt at a stop line when you should proceed, you will be classed as making a fault.

    You will also receive a fault for failing to stop at a red light or coming to a halt in advance of a stop line that is intended for cyclists.