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5 Professional Questions You Should Ask Before Finalizing the Driving Instructor

  • Posted: 06-09-2017  In: Driving Instructors

    With plentiful driving instructors available today, the decision of choosing the right one to pass the driving test is one of the essential skills of one’s life has indefinitely become difficult due to apparent reasons. Because one wrong step towards choosing the wrong driving instructor will not only lessen the chances of passing the licensure test, but it will also endanger the safety if proper precautions and necessary skills are not acquired. Therefore, to avoid wastage of time and money, theorists have put forth five top-notch questions that can be asked to or while choosing driving instructors.

    1. Are you professionally accredited to instruct?

    The driving instructor must have legal documentations (license etc.) accredited by the licensing authority. The answer to this question will ensure whether the instructor has gone through prior driving training. You can also check certification such as NSW driving instructor’s license, NSW Working with Children Check, and Certificate IV Road Transport & Logistics.

    2. For how long have you been teaching?

    The conventional norm for driving instructor’s teaching experience (good) is minimum two years. The instructor must have hands-on experience of the duration above with zero felonies. It also helps to understand about the tools & techniques instructor has learnt in that particular time. It also affects the learning skills because non-supportive, unprofessional, and teach ad hoc approach from driving instructor may lead to either bad experience or failure.

    3. Will you remain my instructor throughout the training?

    The instructors must have consistency in their teachings because there have been several cases where the instructor changes in the midway of the course which causes disruption and failure. That’s why it’s better to confirm with the driving instructor about course consistency than to face disappointment.

    4. What is your student pass rate?


    It is indeed quite hard to find an instructor with 100% passing rate. However, above average rate (60-70 per cent) is acceptable and reasonable. It also portrays the caring and understanding of instructor and student. In fact, driving instructors with low passing rate are not allowed to be enrolled for conducting driving tests in the UK.

    5. What is the overall cost of the lessons?

    Although cheap driving lessons and schools are more of a myth than reality, the lessons should not be expensive either. Most students avoid undergoing instructors who charge more and choose those inexperienced instructors who are cheap. Ultimately the student has to bear the perhaps, lifetime damages.