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5 Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make During Driving Test

  • 5 Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make During Driving Test-1

    Posted: 02-11-2017  In: Driving Tips

    Our body naturally reacts to situations when it witnesses anything unusual or unacceptable. One of them is driving test, yes it has become a headache for many. Between the theory test and driving practical test, every single mistake can act against you as fear of failure and stress. Driving Test Finder is summarising the fear by highlighting some of the most common mistakes drivers make during the practical driving test.

    1. First of All, Calm Down

    5 Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make During Driving Test-3

    Yes, I know it’s your big day, I know how important it is for you to pass the driving test, but worrying and overthinking about it is not going to help. First, you need to calm down your nerves. Also, it is the most challenging step, but fear of failure is born after you start taking things onto yourself. The best way to eradicate this mistake is to know when you’re ready for the test and make sure you don’t have anything negative in your mind, reminding you of failure.

    2. Understand the Signs

    Drivers panic if they see a traffic sign during the driving test because they take time to react upon and drive accordingly. Sadly, the mistake they make at this point is that either they take too much time to react or hesitate and drive badly. Both are reasons for failure, learn and understand the road sign along with reaction. Remember, the instructor also notices how much time you take to answer a question or react to the road.

    3. Approaching Roundabouts and Junctions

    If you haven’t conquered the previous fear of failures then at this point you will have an accident or screw-up. 24% drivers failed their test in September 2017 in the UK alone because of not driving carefully and correctly at junctions and roundabouts. Focus on the roads connecting to the junction. If you’re going from left to right around the junction the focus from left to right keeping the car on the road, trust me it’s very simple.

    4. Acceleration and Deceleration

    5 Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make During Driving Test-6

    Let’s talk about speed failures since you’ve already passed the theory test; I’m sure you have excellent familiarisation with speed. Now the mistake drivers make at this point is either the instantly push the acceleration pedal, which hits a bump or decelerate the vehicle suddenly when spotting a pedestrian, traffic signal or a dog. Do not do that, sudden use of acceleration pedal will get you failed in no time, gently apply acceleration or deceleration to control the speed, you’re here for your driving test not for the audition of Fast and Furious.

    5. More Reasoning, Less Memorization

    5 Most Common Mistakes Drivers Make During Driving Test-7

    The difference between theory test and practical test in driving is that practical tests are implementations of what you have learned in theory test. So, there’s no point of remembering all the points or stopping or parking; you need to implement them. Do not waste time recalling anything from the theory and stick to only applying what you learned. Ask questions if you like, instructor appreciates that but make sure you don’t end being failed by wasting time on asking stupid irrelevant questions Good Luck!