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The 4 Best Cars For Drivers Still In The Learning Stage

  • Posted: 17-06-2016  In: Driving Tips

    The wind streaming through the window as you drive to work (or even for an errand) is an experience people don’t mind having. To be able to drive is indeed an amazing skill, one which offers the freedom of travelling to any place and at any time.

    Learning how to drive is an exciting experience too, no doubt. It can also be an intimidating, especially if you’re learning in a car that isn’t suitable for the roads.

    We think the best cars for drivers still in the learning stage are ones which are easy, efficient and safe while also on the cheap side of the spectrum. The cars ideal for learners are;

    #4: Mazda Demio

    Also known as the Mazda 2, this super-mini car is globally produced by Mazda since 1996. Why do we think the car ideal for people learning to drive? Besides earning the 2008 World Car of the Year award, the Mazda Demio offers easy handling on any road and weather conditions.

    The small size of the car provides excellent maneuverability ability which means drivers can parallel park easily even when space is tight.

    #3: Chevrolet Aveo

    Originally place into production by Daewoo, the Chevrolet Aveo is a sub-compact car that makes the vehicle an excellent investment.

    Considered to be the most economical car in the world due to fuel efficiency, this car also offers easy handling ability to college going and teenage drivers.




    #2: Suzuki SX4

    The Suzuki SX4 is a collaboration of Italian Fiat and Japanese Suzuki, which promises an outstanding vehicle even for non-learners.

    Ever since its production, this car has featured a sedan and hatchback body because the style (hatchback) is excellent for people learning to drive due to its small size.

    #1: Toyota Corolla

    Produced globally by Toyota, this vehicle comes in a line of compact and sub-compact cars. Even today it’s considered the best selling vehicle the world over, topping even Volkswagen Beetle!

    The reason why we chose Toyota Corolla as number one in this list is due to the safety and efficiency features offered, despite the large size of the vehicle.

    Learning how to drive is very easy, but learning how to drive well takes some time and practice. Have you taken your driving test yet? Search on Driving Test Finder for a cancelled test date today.