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3 Worst Driving Habits in the UK

  • Posted: 13-10-2016  In: Driving Tips

    If you are driving in the UK today, it is inevitable that you will look at some drivers and wonder how they ever managed to pass their test. It is easy for bad habits to creep in when you have been driving for a while, and it may be that you have a few poor driving habits yourself. Given the dangers associated with poor driving, this is an issue that should be of concern to most drivers and here are the 3 worst driving habits in the UK.

    1. Driving Distracted

    It is vital that drivers fully focus on the road because you never know what is going to come next. There are so many variables involved and associated with driving that it makes sense to pay close attention to the road and other drivers and pedestrians.

    Sadly, driving distracted is one of the worst habits in the UK and a number of major problems are caused by UK drivers not fully focusing on what is happening around them.

    One figure that is sure to grab people’s attention is the fact that 2,525 crashes in the UK are caused by drivers that have been distracted. Even if the crash isn’t a serious one, it can still cause damage, it can cost money to resolve and a bump of any sort can impact on people’s confidence and keenness to drive.

    This means that being distracted when driving can have a big impact, even if no serious injuries arose from the accident or incident. It is important to place crashes into context and for 2014, 40% of all crashes involved distracted motorists. The suggestion that all of these crashes could have been prevented or at least minimised if people paid more attention is surely one of the biggest arguments for behaviour change for drivers.

    The problem is, there are so many things that can distract drivers, it can be difficult to enjoy one drive without being distracted. This is definitely something that parents who drive with their children in the back will recognise but there are many ways that a driver can be distracted at the wheel, including:

    • 25% of motorists admit to styling their hair while their car is in motion
    • 72% of motorists admit to eating food while their car is in motion
    • 31% of motorists admit to texting or chatting while their car is in motion

    Given that using a mobile device is an offence when driving, this is hugely concerning and is something that many motorists should focus on and improve. It is never too late to improve your driving behaviour but the more good habits that are installed at the start of the driving process, the better.

    2. Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

    Another issue that affects drivers in the UK is anger, and sadly, aggressive driving is another regularly cited factor when it comes to accidents and incidents on the road. Whether the issue is caused directly by the driver who is feeling angry or people reacting to these drivers isn’t that important, the most pressing factor is the behaviour of drivers who get carried away with their emotions.

    With 85% of motorists saying that they experience frustration due to errors caused by other drivers, it is clear that you need to be focused while driving. You cannot assume that all other drivers will stick to the rules or drive in the way that they are supposed to.

    An interesting statistic is that the peak time for angry drivers and driving is 5.45pm on a Friday. This is the time when people are so close to getting home and finishing up for the weekend. The sooner people get home, the more time they’ll have for themselves but it seems as though this makes many drivers uptight and anxious. Drivers would be advised to be aware of this mood change that occurs on a weekly basis and prepare themselves for a frustrating drive home.

    One issue that many drivers have cited as being frustrating is other drivers pulling out into traffic without due warning. Studies indicate that around 70% of drivers pull out into traffic without prior warning, which causes other drivers to break and this will then impact on the motorists who are driving behind these drivers.

    3. Poor Parking

    Another issue that impacts on many drivers and no doubt adds to the frustration felt on the road is poor parking. Some of the most common examples of poor parking include:

    • One car occupying more than a single space
    • A driver parking in a restricted area or in a prohibited spot
    • Someone parking too close to another car or vehicle

    These are all major parking problems and when you consider the British Council issues 4,000,000 parking fines, it is apparent that this is a major concern in the United Kingdom.

    While there are many different things that make up the habits of a good driver, a good driver will always be a responsible driver. Anyone looking to obtain a driver’s licence or who wants to hold on to their drivers licence should bear this in mind. Knowing the most common bad habits for drivers will give you a great starting point in avoiding these problems.