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15 Ways To Overcome Those Test Nerves

  • Posted: 29-12-2015  In: Driving Tips

    Just like any other test, it’s natural for us to be hesitant before a driving test. You are new to the process and you don’t really know what’s going to happen in that driving test centre. On the other hand, you might be a bit tense at the feeling and speculations that the routes around your test centre are too crowded or different to the ones you used to practice on.

    Whatever the reasons might be, here are 15 ways you can overcome your test nerves, and possibly avoid the chance of looking up a driving test cancellation when you walk out:

    1. Avoid Rushing- Make sure that you get as much practice as you can and only apply for your test when you are fully prepared and confident. If you are worried about the theory test, ask friends who have already attempted it.
    2. Book the first test of the day- Remember if you book the first test in the morning, you will cut down the time you spent worrying.
    3. Don’t let your friends know of the test date-If everyone knows about the test date, you will add on undue pressure of living up to everyone’s expectations. It is okay to let your family know as they are the ones who will support you.
    4. Don’t believe in horror stories- You might hear many stories about failed driving tests. While some of them might be true you don’t need to listen to them.
    5. Make sure the timing is right-If you have already failed a test, get in touch with us to look up driving test cancellations that don’t clash with any other event.
    6. Visit the right test centre-There is no use going to a test centre where all your friends have failed. This will damage your confidence. Go to a one where they have passed.
    7. Use the last two lessons-When practicing driving, ask your instructor to dedicate the last two lessons to the manoeuvres you think you need you need to practice.
    8. Imagine practicing-It has been proven that you can actually improve your ability to perform tasks simply by imagining doing them.
    9. Do a practice run-Also called a mock run; ask your instructor to play a realistic examiner. Take this seriously.
    10. Examiners are only human- Your test is probably among one of the seven tests on your examiners sheet that day. Make sure you understand they are just human.
    11. You don’t need to be perfect-You definitely don’t need to be the most perfect driver to pass your test. Stay calm and concentrate. One mistake wouldn’t result in failure.
    12. Don’t let the silence bug you-It can be difficult sitting next to a stranger who just tells you the directions. Don’t think he doesn’t like you; the examiner is just doing his or her job.
    13. You will pass-You should be convinced that you will pass. Just having a ‘go at it’ attitude might ease those nerves.
    14. Don’t take meds to calm down- Taking anti-stress medication before the test might actually slow you down.
    15. Sleep well the night before-Get a goodnight’s sleep the night before the test.

    These are the top 15 tips that can help you overcome the test nerves. If you have already failed and are now looking for early driving test cancellations, click here to sign up on our website and we will get right back to you.