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Driving Test Cancellations

Surprised by the current waiting times?

Is your theory test expiring soon?

Do you want to save money on lessons?

Get a driving test as early as next week!

We'll search the DSA website over a 1,000 times a day for you. Once we find a test cancellation, We'll send you a text message.

Just respond to the text message and we'll book it for you - Straightforward!

What other driving learners are saying:

Worth the money

Sep 22, 2016  Holly Nicholas

Within two days I got a test date three weeks ahead of my original. Now instead of waiting almost two months, it's only 4 weeks away.

Couldn't recommend more...

Sep 15, 2016  Mark Phillips

Amazing service had my test booked for November as I failed my last test due to a silly mistake didn't want to wait so long as I'm ready for my test!!! I signed up with test finder in the morning and by that evening it had already found me 3 earlier test dates with one just being 2 weeks away from when I last took my test couldn't recommend more!!!

I got an early test date!!

Aug 15, 2016 Ryan Mclaughlin

Sometimes when you book your test it can be frustrating as the earliest date is too long to wait. Using driving test finder is perfect to get an earlier test and I found when you asked, they got you one within the next week. Great service and Andrew always had time for my enquiries. Would highly recommend.