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Driving Test CancellationsWe guarantee to get you an earlier test!

Tired of searching on the DSA website for an early driving test cancellation and have not got the time to look? We can find you an earlier and suitable test date!

Find Test Cancellations

So you’ve applied for your driving test but you’re disappointed to see how long you’ll have to wait. Or maybe you’ve just failed your test and you want to re-take it as soon as possible because you know that you can pass it but the next available test date is months away. Don’t worry, we can help!

Our system searches the DSA website over a thousand times a day, looking for cancelled driving test dates that will allow you to take your test at an earlier date. As soon as we find an earlier test date, we will notify you via text message. Then you simply reply to the message with the word "Book" and that’s it, we will update your DVSA booking to the new date straightaway.

Remember! An earlier test means you save money because the quicker you get your test date, the less you'll spend on driving lessons. So, What are you waiting for? Sign up today and we will start looking for early test date cancellations for you.

How it Works?

If you’re ready to take your driving test, you don’t want to wait around. You’ve spent many hours studying for the theory test and learning to drive on your practical lessons, and now you’re ready to take to the open road as a licensed driver. Maybe time is of the essence and you’re under pressure because your theory test certificate is just about to expire.

The problem is that there always seems to be a long wait until the next available appointment at the driving test centres in your area. Whatever your reason, you want a driving test, and you want it quickly. You may find that the fastest way to get a driving test is to join the list for a driving test cancellation.

People cancel their driving test appointments for all sorts of reasons at all hours of the day, and once their appointment is available again, our system is waiting to pick it up and send it to you for your approval, seven days a week. While you’re busy at work or college, we search the GOV DSA’s database more than 1,500 times every day, looking for driving test cancellations which have just appeared, and saving you hours of time.

Wherever you are in the UK, just let us know the details of the appointment you’ve been assigned by DVLA and what you’re looking for, and our system will get to work for you, looking for something sooner. If an appointment we detect matches your requirements, we let you know by text message, so that you can get instant notification.

If you want the appointment we’ve found, you just reply to the text with the word “Book”, and we’ll change your current booking to your new date for you. If the cancellation we suggest isn’t for you, just ignore our text message and we’ll keep on searching for you. There’s nothing else you need to do – it really is that easy.

We don’t just work for the individual driver either. If you’re an instructor or driving school and you want to offer clients their choice of short notice tests, we can help make that happen. Clients who are ready to take their tests don’t need to spend hours on the phone when you can offer them short notice appointments.

If you want to get on the road right away with a full driving licence, You have reached the #1 place to find early driving tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup for the cancellation service?
Simply use our early driving test finder signup page, enter your details such as practical driving license number, reference number and desired test centres etc.

Do I need to book a practical test with DSA?
Yes, you will need to book a test with DSA, because we will use your details to search the DSA website for driving test cancellations.

How do you find test cancellations?
Our system searches the DSA website regularly (over 1,500+ times every day), finding you suitable practical test cancellations based on the details and criteria you provide in the cancellation checker signup form

Do I have to install a software or app to use the service?
No! You don't need to install any software or app to use our service, simply signup on our website and that's it!

Driving Test Waiting Times

Learner drivers ready to take their practical driving test often don’t realise the long waiting time they might have to get a test appointment. Depending on the location of your nearest driving test centre, you may have to wait a considerable period of time for the next available appointment. Obviously, areas like cities and large towns are going to be the most affected by long waiting times, as the population density means that there will be many people chasing just a few appointments.

When is the best time to book?

Winter is actually one of the best times to gain a cancellation. Fewer daylight hours often results in fewer driving tests being carried out, which in theory will mean the waiting list goes up. However, the bad weather conditions associated with winter, such as ice, snow and fog, puts many candidates off and causes them to cancel their test appointment if the weather forecast makes them nervous. Choosing an afternoon appointment is a safe bet for a winter driving test, as the worst of any snow or fog has usually gone by lunch time.

One of the worst times to try and book a driving test is during school holidays, as plenty of college students are on a break from their studies and keen to focus their attention on their driving test.

Who can tell me about local availability?

Your driving instructor is well placed to tell you about availability at your local test centres. After all, they’ll be dealing with hundreds of local learner drivers, who will either want their test booked for them, or will tell their instructor about their experience when booking a test. Ask them about the waiting times, and take that into account when you ask your instructor about when you should be taking your test. This is especially important if you’re taking an intensive driving course.

Waiting for a driving test can be an incredibly frustrating experience, and if you’re motivated to pass your test and get your full license, your driving test can’t happen fast enough. If you can't wait three months, you might want to try something different. At Driving Test Finder, we'll scan the GOV DVSA's database and find any cancellations, so you can nip in and take an early test slot. For more information about our service, feel free to call us or, alternatively, buy and download the app today.

Driving Test Finder Reviews

Driving Test Finder was recommended to me by a friend. I’d spent hours searching DVSA’s website for a driving test cancellation, but with no luck and this seemed like such an easy alternative. I was a little sceptical about having to pay an up front fee of £18, but they guaranteed to refund it if they couldn’t find a suitable cancellation.

I liked the booking form as it was easy to complete and then I just had to wait for a text. I couldn’t accept the first driving test cancellation they sent because of work, but I soon received another date and accepted it. Then they automatically changed my current driving test date and I received confirmation from the DVSA. Well worth the £18! Greg Stephens

After trawling the DSA website looking for a suitable test at Bournemouth Test Centre, I was pointed in the direction of Driving Test Finder. At first, I wasn't entirely sure if it was worth paying £18 for an earlier driving test but when I found out that I would have to wait several months before I could take my test it seemed like an obvious choice. Once they'd found a cancelled driving test date, they sent me a text and all I had to do was respond with the word 'book' and they took care of the rest. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for quick and easy way to find an earlier driving test date. Jason Grant

I was struggling to get a driving test booked any time soon, and I was very nervous, so I wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible. The thought of waiting months for a driving test date wasn't helping my nerves, so I used Driving Test Finder. Their driving test cancellation checker helped me find a test date for next week! I feel so much more at ease now that I don't have to wait ages - the skills will be fresh in my mind, and I feel much more confident. I hope I pass, but if I don't, I'd use Driving Test Finder again to book another test in a heartbeat! Christopher Watts

Driving Test Finder was so easy to use. The whole process was really simple; once I'd given my details, they scanned the DVLA Awebsite for driving test cancellations at my local test centre. Once they found me a suitable one, they were able to book my driving test. Cancellations would be really hard to find if it was left up to me. By sorting me out an earlier driving test, it saved me lots of money by not having to pay for driving lessons that I didn't really need. Definitely use Driving Test Finder if you're waiting around to take your test. Steve Jenkins

The waiting time at my local driving test centre was over a month, and I knew I was ready to take my driving test again, so I signed up. What a great idea. I got the text the same day telling me the driving test finder people had driving test cancellations and did I want it? Err... yes please! Luckily I passed this time. I'd certainly recommend signing up. Make sure you have your phone near you once you sign up; to get the best time, check for driving test cancellations slots every 15 minutes. Good luck!. Kath Lee

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